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Proper Maintenance for a Sparkling Pool Year Round Part 1: The Leaves of Fall

Finally we have a reprieve from the summer heat.  You may be transitioning from swimsuits to plaid flannels, but your pool still needs some love.  Following regular maintenance guidelines, you can keep your pool sparkling and functioning properly through each season.  Routine upkeep is key to the longevity of your investment. What constitutes proper maintenance? We’re going to take a look through a three-part blog series.  Today, we’ll discuss the leaves and debris that come with the fall season. Check back soon for discussion on pool chemistry and equipment.

The Leaves of Fall

Regular pool cleaning is the first step in maintaining a healthy pool.  This time of year, it is important to stay on top of the falling leaves and twigs.  The consistent removal of such debris will keep stains from forming on the bottom of the pool. 

Give Skimmer Baskets And Vacuum Nets A Bit More Love This Time of Year

As the trees lose their growing season foliage, you can expect to find a lot of leaves in your pool.  Even if you do not have deciduous trees right near your pool, given the strong winds we see as the seasonal cold fronts move through, leaves on the ground even a block or two away can end up in your pool.  Keep the pool net handy and take a run at leaf removal when you see debris floating. Though the skimmers will be doing their job pulling the leaves into their baskets, it is important to keep the baskets from clogging up.  With regular skimmer basket emptying, you are ensuring the skimmer process continues as it is designed to provide ongoing small debris removal and adequate water flow from pump to pool.

If you have a robotic pool vacuum, it may make sense to check the vacuum net every couple of days, and certainly after strong winds or a storm.  Vacuum efficacy diminishes if the vacuum net becomes too congested.  

Don’t Forget to Brush

Even in the off season, you are going to want to brush the sides of your pool.  All those feet that were essentially grazing the pool bottom and walls for you over the summer are now bundled up in warm socks.  In addition to moving stuck debris off the pool wall, brushing disrupts the growth of algae. So, we’re going to echo your dentist: keep up with the regular brushing.

Partner For Expertise and Ease

Engaging with a professional pool maintenance service provider is one way to ensure you’re providing the necessary upkeep for your pool.  Pool maintenance certification through the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance provides a professional standard for the industry.  Certified pool maintenance specialists are trained and receive the necessary knowledge to work with a wide variety of pool systems and equipment.  Most pool maintenance service is provided weekly through contract. Many find the cost of pool maintenance is nothing compared to the peace of mind, dependable performance and quality of work provided by the professional.  

Protect Your Investment

During the fall season, you may find you need to spend a bit more time on debris removal and skimmer emptying, but it is worth it in the long run.  Keeping your pool bottom free from stains ensures it’ll be sparkling and inviting next summer. Following proper maintenance guidelines is going to protect your investment in your outdoor oasis and provide enjoyment for years to come.

Gold Medal Pools has been serving the DFW area for over 20 years.  We’ve earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and some of the largest commercial pool owners in the area by using the most advanced technologies available in the industry, applying proven craftsmanship and hands-on techniques. All of our techs, each designated Advanced Service Technicians, are CPO certified through the nationally recognized Pool and Hot Tub Alliance and are AFO certified through the National Recreation and Park Association. Our pool maintenance service is thorough and dependable.  We make sure all of your pumps, motors, filters, lights, etc. are running properly. Our professionals will test the water quality and clean your pool, so it always has that sparkling look it had when you first purchased it. Ready for gold-star service?  Contact Gold Medal Pools today.


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