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Proper Maintenance for a Sparkling Pool Year Round Part 3: Inspect What You Expect

In this final post of our three-part series on proper pool maintenance, we’re turning to two of the primary pool equipment components that require periodic care: the pool pump and the pool filters.  We may be in the off-season as far as swimming pools are concerned, but your pool still needs some attention and care. With a little background knowledge, you’ll be able to inspect your equipment and identify any issues before they become a problem.  Understanding how to clean the equipment, you can protect your pool investment. Check out our previous two blog posts on removing leaves and debris and maintaining proper pool chemistry to get the full picture on regular pool maintenance.  

Inspect What You Expect 

The pool pump and filters comprise an important behind-the-scenes system designed to keep water flowing properly in your pool.  The pump moves the water and the filters keep the water clean. Modern pool technology offers an array of options for pool pumps and filters.  It is important to know your specific equipment: how it operates, how frequently it may need to be cleaned, and if/when it should be backwashed.  Whether you build a pool or inherit one in a real estate transaction, it is a good idea to request a short pool tutorial where you can gain knowledge of your specific equipment and overall system.  With this knowledge you will know what needs to be evaluated regularly as part of your pool maintenance routine.


If the pump – or pumps, as many modern pools feature several pumps to accommodate water features or overall pool size – isn’t working, water is not circulating and can become stagnant.  Today, pool pumps are generally self-priming, but regular attention must be given to the strainer basket. The strainer basket, as the name suggests, filters debris from circulating water.  It is a good idea to clean debris from the strainer weekly. When cleaning the basket, take the time to observe the gasket seals within the pump. A proper seal will protect the pump and contribute to the overall longevity of the pump itself.  If you find an obvious water leak within the pump, you will likely need a professional who can make necessary repairs or best advise of replacement needs.


If pool filters aren’t functioning properly, water can become dirty and pool pumps can be taxed, or even destroyed.  No matter your type of filter system – cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth (DE) – you are going to need regular filter cleaning.  The timing will vary, and you should always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, but as a general guide, you can look to the pressure gauge and the flow meter to determine the timing. As the difference in flow between these gauges increases, the need for filter cleaning grows.  When the difference grows to 10 to 15 pounds per square inch, a cleaning is in order. Depending on how frequently and heavily (hello pool parties and playdates) you use your pool, generally speaking, filters will need to be cleaned monthly to quarterly.

  • Cartridge filters need a thorough hose cleaning with mild detergent.  

  • Sand filters are best cleaned through monthly backwashing, or flowing water in a reverse direction through the filter. 

  • Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters typically need quarterly backwashing and the addition of incremental diatomaceous earth.

Partner For Expertise and Ease

Engaging with a professional pool maintenance service provider is one way to ensure you’re providing the necessary upkeep for your pool.  Pool maintenance certification through the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance provides a professional standard for the industry.  Certified pool maintenance specialists are trained and receive the necessary knowledge to work with a wide variety of pool systems and equipment.  Most pool maintenance service is provided weekly through contract. Many find the cost of pool maintenance is nothing compared to the peace of mind, dependable performance and quality of work provided by the professional.  

Enjoy Your Pool Year Round

Routine upkeep is key to the longevity of your swimming pool investment.  Though modern pools are incredibly self-sufficient, you do need to inspect your equipment regularly and clean as needed, even in fall and winter months.  Go ahead heat up the apple cider and bring out the wool blankets. You can enjoy the view of your healthy, sparkling pool from the warmth of a cozy fire. Before you know it, we’ll be back to 95 degree days and the pool will be ready to once again deliver all the fun and refreshment you’ve come to expect having invested in a swimming pool.

Gold Medal Pools has been serving the DFW area for over 20 years.  We’ve earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and some of the largest commercial pool owners in the area by using the most advanced technologies available in the industry, applying proven craftsmanship and hands-on techniques. All of our techs, each designated Advanced Service Technicians, are CPO certified through the nationally recognized Pool and Hot Tub Alliance and are AFO certified through the National Recreation and Park Association. Our pool maintenance service is thorough and dependable.  We make sure all of your pumps, motors, filters, lights, etc. are running properly. Our professionals will test the water quality and clean your pool, so it always has that sparkling look it had when you first purchased it. Ready for gold-star service?  Contact Gold Medal Pools today.


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