Owning a pool is very common in sunny states because it’s one of the best ways to stay comfortable when temperatures rise. But do you know that having one in your yard could also increase your home’s value? Yes, recent studies have shown that the value of a household rises when it has a pool in it.
Prospective buyers find a property with a pool more attractive. This makes a good investment should you have plans to move in the future.
Although some buyers see it as a liability rather than an asset, a pool, under the right circumstances, may boost your home’s value by as much as 7 percent, or even more. With many available pool services in Plano, TX, maintaining a pool is easy.
Studies indicate swimming pool entails a national average of 7 percent increase in home value. But the increase in home values varies, depending on the region.
The added value also depends on your target buyer; a luxury homebuyer would expect a pool as an amenity.
Factors to Consider in Owning a Pool
There are many aspects to consider before you build a pool. Going through this list may help you secure the benefits it delivers to your property:
How common are pools in your community?
If most of your neighbors have a pool, that’s a green light for you to install one in your lot. Knowing that a lot of people in your neighborhood have a pool in their yard means a pool is a necessity in your area.
How’s the climate?
The warmer the climate in your area, the more you need to install a pool. This provides your home space for cool relaxation on hot days. A pool works best in places where you enjoy it all year round. Does your property have enough space to install a pool, with some leftovers for gardening and play? Check the size of your yard. You need to make sure that the pool won’t take up the entire space. You still need to save some room for a garden and a swing set. That way, you have enough space for other forms of leisure in your home.
Important Points to Seal the 7% Increase Rate.
There are also factors that can help you ensure the national average 7 percent increase rate. Here are some points to consider. Check if the style of the pool fits the neighborhood and make sure that the pool is well-maintained. The age of the pool matters, so if your pool is a decade or older, it needs updating. Buyers with young children will look for safety railings, while childless couples may focus on other features like lighting
Bring Your Dream Pool to Life
Whatever your dream swimming pool is, we have the knowledge and experience to bring it to life. We have designed and built thousands of pools to the satisfaction of our customers. As a custom pool builder, we have over 60 years of combined experience in pool design, construction, and renovation services.
We also specialize in complete backyard design.
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