Initial Start Up — There may be additional fees charged based on the time and materials required to prepare the pool for regular maintenance service. The estimate for this service will be provided prior to commencing service.

Pool Operating Equipment and Condition — Our ability to deliver the services agreed is contingent upon the customer keeping the pool and all its equipment in proper working order. If there are equipment failures or deficiencies, we will notify customer and offer to send a certified service technician to diagnose the problem and provide estimated cost of repair. Repair does not have to be provided by Gold Medal Pools; but in order to perform agreed service, the pool must be in proper working order. You will continue to be billed for service during this time. Should pool require additional time and materials to return to regular maintenance conditions additional fees may apply.

Maintaining Proper Water level — It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain proper water level. If water is low on service day, equipment will be turned off and the pool technician will note on the service ticket to add water. Failure to maintain proper water level may result in serious damage to pool equipment. Pool technician will not add water to customer’s pool due to timing (may take hours to fill) and risk of overflow.

Pool Access — It is the customer’s responsibility to provide access to pool on regularly scheduled day or if notice is provided of an alternate day. If your regular pool technician is not able to service your pool, service will be provided by another pool technician. We will attempt to advise you of these situations, but due to timings, are not required to. If you currently have a locked gate, a combination lock is preferred. If a key lock is used, we will need to be provided with two working keys for each lock. If we arrive on the regular scheduled service day and we are unable to access the pool, there will be no credit for this missed visit. If we must return before the next scheduled visit, a $50 return trip fee will be assessed.

Holiday Service — If the service date falls on a holiday, service may be conducted 1-2 days before, or after, normally scheduled day. During the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or New Years, only PARTIAL service will be completed due to time constraints. This will be chemicals/bags/baskets and equipment check. There will be no change to normal charges or refunds for this service.

Severe Weather/Freeze Checks  In the event of severe weather or temperatures below 35 degrees, we will perform a chemical/bags/baskets and equipment check. No refunds will be provided for this type of visit.

Dogs and Other Pets  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their pets are properly arranged for on the normal day of service. Please ensure that they are in the house or in their kennel/crate on day of service. We are not responsible for pets that escape on normal day of service. If we cannot access pool due to hostile dog(s), no refunds will be provided and if we must return before the next scheduled visit, a $50 return trip fee will be assessed.

Payment Terms — Payment is due by the 25th of the month preceding the month of service. Services will be suspended at the beginning of the following month for accounts with unpaid balance. Additional fees may be necessary to bring pool back to a serviceable state after service is reinstated.

Changes or Amendments — Changes to the agreement, including payment terms can be made by us to this agreement, at any time, provided we give Customer at least 30-day notice before the beginning of the billing period in which the change or amendment becomes effective.

Cancellation — Gold Medal Pools or Customer can cancel or change service at any time by providing 30 days written notice. Gold Medal Pools reserves the right to cancel service without notice if Customer does not make payment as agreed.

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