A swimming pool is a huge investment for any homeowner. If you and your family are active and love to swim recreationally or for sports, or if you plan to sell your property in an area where a swimming pool is an excellent addition to a home, the investment put into the swimming pool will pay off. Creating a pool costs money, and so does maintaining it. You could save money now by choosing not to have it cleaned and checked for repairs, but wear and tear can cause problems to accumulate in the long run — resulting in more expenses. You could lose more money by choosing not to maintain your pool now.
For homeowners in Allen who need pool services, Gold Medal Pools’ professional pool cleaners provide high-quality service. You can avoid these costs if you choose to have your pool maintained by professionals.


Depreciation of Investment
Before looking at the added costs, let’s take a look at how much it took for you to build your pool. The average starting price to install a pool of average size and shape is $30,000. This does not include the fence – which is a non-negotiable fixture and required by law in most states – landscaping, and other outdoor installations that will be affected by a pool addition. A custom pool or one with extra or custom features will cost more. The filtration and pump system consumes the most energy in a pool. Homeowners need to decide whether to buy a low-cost, not-so-efficient system (which would affect the energy bill) or a $500 system that would bring down the electricity bill by a large fraction. Getting an energy-efficient heat pump adds another $200 to $400 to your initial cost.
If you’re only getting the basics, you’d be spending roughly $40,000 for your pool. Now imagine it actively chipping away with natural wear and tear. While you can’t lose money you’ve already spent, you will be allowing your investment to decrease its value if you scrimp on maintenance costs.
If you do not check your equipment for leaks or damage regularly, you risk leaving your pool to deteriorate until it becomes irreparable. You risk reducing the lifespan of the entire pool, as well. You would then need to replace it, which would cost extra hundreds of dollars.


Utility Costs and Maintenance Costs
Damaged or outdated pumps and other equipment can consume up to half the electricity you use at home. Using updated systems, you can cut that to about 20 percent of the cost. However, you can avoid all these expenses and depreciation by hiring the services of professional pool cleaners. It is the key to your investment’s durability. Make sure your pumps, motors, filters, and other equipment are running properly, and your pool is clean. At Gold Medal Pools, we provide professional pool service in Texas.
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