A backyard swimming pool represents a functional space for recreation and exercise. But shouldn’t it also serve as an outdoor oasis? Pool design ideas abound, but which one is right for your backyard?
Whether you want to capture a country swimming hole or a Greek isle sanctuary, we’ve got the eight best pool design ideas for your yard. Read on to find the perfect concept for your at-home paradise.


1. Country Pool Paradise
Longing to sip on sweet tea and blast country music while lounging poolside? Then, consider a rustic take on the backyard swimming hole. Opt for lots of rustic wood accents, including lounge chairs, that channel barn doors, and farmhouses. Throw up some glittering strings of white lights (reminiscent of lightning bugs.) And hang an American flag for a little small town, patriotic bliss. Tie it all together with a down-home, old-fashioned stock tank swimming pool. Stock pools are having a moment right now and with good reason. They offer an affordable above-ground pool option, and they evoke cozy Americana charm.


2. Club Med Chill
What if you wish your pool had a little Mediterranean appeal? You don’t have to go crazy with landscaping to channel an Italian or Greek-style appearance. In fact, you’ll be amazed by how a few well-placed Italian cypresses can turn your pool from boring to Roman chic. You have some important choices as you polish this poolside aesthetic. For a Greek Isles vibe, go for white and navy blue-striped cushions on your patio chairs. But if you want a more Tuscan look, opt for topiaries in sienna-colored clay pots and wrought-iron or neutral-hued rattan furnishings. Add a few sun umbrellas and grab a bottle of wine. As you sip that lovely red waterside, you’ll feel transported to the luxury of a Roman resort.


3. Pastel Haven
For a poolside paradise that evokes the island charm of the Caribbean, think pastel. From mint to yellow to baby blue, pastel colors evoke a beachy summer day. They feel tranquil and have a cooling effect your pool guests will appreciate. If you live in a climate that supports palms, use them to create a verdant landscape that provides stunning contrast to the light color scheme. Add ocean-inspired accents like shells and sand dollar designs to complete the effect. Your pool will transform into a soothing summer haven.


4. Forest-Shaded Pool
If your backyard boasts foliage and tree cover, why not build your pool in the natural shade? It gives your backyard a natural grandeur unmatched by any other effects. What’s more, the leafy cover contains more appeal than a bunch of umbrellas. Consider placing pool seating at the end nearest the trees so that you can always ensure this spot remains a shaded oasis. For summer parties, consider stringing lights or Chinese lanterns in the trees to create a fairytale effect.


5. California Dreaming
For the ideal SoCal pool, opt for beautiful light-colored tiling and well-manicured landscaping. Of course, no California-inspired pool would be complete without palm trees. So, plant an alley of them if your climate permits. Don’t skimp when it comes to purchasing laidback loungers and brightly-colored umbrellas. These accessories will provide you with a comfortable vantage point to enjoy your California dream. Now grab those coconut cocktails, some Beach Boys DVDs, and then get your relax on.


6. Elevate Your Experience
Will your pool be located next to an unsightly structure such as a garage or driveway? If you need to block out less-than-relaxing areas of your property, consider elevating your pool and adding a strategic pool house. By raising your experience and using a pool house to block out unwanted views, you’ll bring instant tranquility to your poolside. Opt for furniture in light-colored woods with natural stains for a clean, modern look.


7. A Pool in the Clouds
For a breezy, refreshing feel, accessorize your pool with white pillars and gauzy, white curtains. Add palm-style plants, and you’ve got yourself a light, airy, tropical getaway. Opt for poolside furniture in light colors or natural woods with white cushions. Add pops of color with neutral or navy blue throw pillows and stately clay pottery. Add some tiki torches to tie up the look and keep mosquitos at bay.


8. A Pool Fit for Royalty
Interested in swimming in a pool reminiscent of a mini-Versailles? Choose a white-lined pool interior with nearby Classical arches or pillars also in white. Contrast these elements with earth-toned walkways and a sophisticated, landscaped garden. What do we mean by landscaped garden? Think boxwood parterres, hedge walls, and a tall privet hedge. Green naturally calms the senses and leads to a state of relaxed bliss. And the carefully landscaped backyard offers extra privacy if your neighbors happen to live closer than Louis the XIV’s did.


Backyard Pool Ideas
When choosing a swimming pool, you don’t have to settle for a boring rectangular-shaped depression in the ground. There have never been a greater variety of stunning pool designs on the market. When coupled with the right landscaping and patio furniture, you can craft the poolside experience of your dreams. Not only will a custom-tailored pool turn your home into a backyard resort, but it will raise your home’s value. So, spend some time researching the aesthetic you’d like to achieve, and then consult with a reputable swimming pool builder to bring your personal waterside fantasies to life.
From colors to landscaping to accessories, the choices you make will define your pool aesthetic. Do you want to evoke the ocean or perhaps a tropical island? You can create your own little slice of heaven on earth, so start dreaming… and take notes!


Have Your Pick From These Pool Design Ideas
With the right pool design ideas, you can transform your backyard into a waterfront property. The question is, what look’s right for your backyard? Do you want to channel royal opulence or rustic Southern charm? Start brainstorming backyard pool ideas and then contact a reputable swimming pool builder to start hashing out feasible plans. Interested in learning more about creative pool designs? Or, maybe you have questions about a swimming pool designer? At Gold Medal Pools, we’ve got you covered when it comes to waterfront luxury.
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