Energy Efficient Pool

There are a myriad of reasons as to why so many Texan homeowners are investing in a swimming pool. Many experts note that having a well-kept inground swimming pool can boost resale value. Not only does a swimming pool make sense for many homeowners, but they fit a practical purpose — temperatures in Texas soar into the triple digits during peak summer months. A swimming pool allows families the chance to relax and cool down. Mild weather throughout the rest of the year makes for year-round enjoyment of a pool.

Unfortunately, many prospective homeowners may not understand the full scope of owning a pool – and the costs associated with it. There is the ongoing cost of heating, which can be around $100 a month with traditional healing methods. While many Texan families can take advantage of solar systems, installation costs can be exorbitant; then there’s the recurring cost of running the pump. There is also weekly maintenance, including adjusting chemical levels, cleaning the pool, and replacing filters.

Thankfully, there are ways to make your pool more energy-efficient and thus, more cost-efficient as well. Energy efficiency will allow you to become a more proactive instead of reactive pool owner. Here is how the professionals at Gold Medal Pools can make your pool more energy-efficient. We have developed 8 ways to make your pool more energy efficient.

Gold Medal Pools and Energy Efficiency

  1. The right finish matters when it comes to energy efficiency. Light-colored pools will reflect light, while dark-colored pools will absorb solar energy, acting like passive heaters. If you are on the fence about which option is right for you, give us a call. We can help you renovate your current pool or install a pool with a dark finish to keep heating costs down.
  2. Windbreaks. Pool efficiency is more than just the actual pool — it also includes the features in and around the pool. Pool landscaping that includes a hedge or some other form of wind barrier decreases the evaporation, which will provide further savings. You will find that pool temperatures will be more stable and that you do not have to refill as often.
  3. We will replace your pool pump with a variable speed pump. An Energy Star certified pool pump will be more energy-efficient than single-speed pumps. Variable speed pumps will ensure that your home complies with federal regulations, are quieter than single-speed pumps, and are easier to maintain.
  4. Optimized plumbing. If you are purchasing an older home with an inground pool that uses traditional methods of plumbing, then they can be renovated for better efficiency. Many pipes tend to be too narrow or are designed with tight turns, causing the pump to work harder. By revamping the plumbing system, water flows more efficiently, requiring less energy to operate throughout its lifetime.
  5. Modern heating technologies. Heat technology is always changing, with high-efficiency heaters now being an option. Deep heating is also an option and heats your pool from the bottom up, making it more effective..
  6. Automatic pool covers. Pool covers have several energy-saving benefits: they are designed to slow down evaporation, cut down on the use of chemicals, help your swimming pool retain heat, and will keep out debris that can cause your filters to work harder or malfunction, requiring costly replacements. Coupled with a windbreak, your pool will stay at a comfortable temperature year-round.
  7. Replacing light bulbs with LED lighting. LED lights are known to be highly energy-efficient compared to incandescent lighting. Not only are they more energy-efficient, but they can last three times as long as other forms of lighting, saving the pool owner money in the long run.
  8. Maintaining a cleaner system. Many cleaning systems tend to be outdated and do not work as well as newer models. We will not only clean and inspect your pool’s cleaning system, but we will replace it to make it more energy-efficient and keep your pool sparkling with less work. To learn more about our cleaning systems, contact us.

About Gold Medal Pools

Based in Frisco, Texas, and servicing the DFW area, Gold Medal Pools can help make your residential and commercial pool more energy efficient. To learn more about our pool building process, pool maintenance, renovations, and financing options, contact us. We can start implementing any one of these 8 ways to make your pool more energy efficient.