Pool Builders

What are you looking to get out of your new custom pool? Would you like to get in shape, connect with friends and family, add value to your home, or simply lounge in the sun? No matter the reason, you deserve a pool that fits your lifestyle. Enjoy the beautiful climate of Allen, Texas, with a pool from the custom pool builders at Gold Medal Pools.

We’ve spent over 50 years turning boring backyards into vacation destinations. We’re committed to innovative pool design, adhere to the safest  construction guidelines, and we strive to exceed  the highest expectations for professionalism and customer service. Enhance your property and make your backyard the focal point of your home with a stunning pool from Gold Medal.

We offer all kinds of pools, including:

  • Free Form Pools
  • Straight Line Pools
  • Family Pools
  • Luxury Pools
  • Commercial Pools
  • Custom Spas

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Pool Service and Maintenance

Whether you need help maintaining your pool or are in need of an upgrade or repair, Gold Medal Pools is here for all your pool service and maintenance needs. We offer Allen homeowners and businesses everything from regular pool cleaning to complete equipment upgrades.

You deserve to spend your time relaxing and enjoying your pool, not cleaning it constantly or struggling to find out what’s wrong with it. Get a crystal clear pool that operates safely and efficiently. Got a leak? Trust our trained pros to find it and offer the best solution to minimize further damage.

Whether you’re having issues with your pool pump, pool heater, or pool filter, Gold Medal Pools can help. We offer full-service pool repairs, upgrades, filter cleaning, and equipment checks.

We’ve provided residential and commercial pool services in Allen TX  for over 50 years. We take pride in our extensive experience and knowledge of pools and pool equipment. Our team is familiar with all brands and models of pool equipment, and offer full-service pool repairs and complete system updates.

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Pool Renovations

Have you noticed spots, pitting, or cracks in your pool? If the bottom of your pool is rough or the plaster looks dirty all the time, you’re ready for a pool renovation.

Are you tired of your pool’s look? You can transform your pool deck with updated coping. Coping offers a decorative edge and a non-skid surface for swimmers. Get a seamless look between your pool and deck by choosing from our endless selection of shapes, sizes, and colors for a combo that’s best for your backyard.

Choose from these popular coping options and more:

  • Brick Coping
  • Clay Coping
  • Stone Coping
  • Travertine Coping
  • Wood Coping

Pool tile replacement can boost your pool’s form and function. Give your pool a customized look that fits your budget and makes it a one-of-a-kind design in Allen, TX. 

Pick from these tile options and others:

  • Glass Tile
  • Mosaic Tile
  • Stone Tile
  • Ceramic Tile

With over five decades of experience, we offer accurate cost and time estimates for your pool renovation. You can rest assured knowing that you be swimming in your renovated pool on time and as quoted.

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Commercial Pools

Gold Medal Pools has designed and built pools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 50 years. We’ve done it all, from small condos to some of the largest pool projects in Texas. We want to help make your commercial pool a top destination for residents and guests.

Are you still in the planning stages and need help with design? Or do you already have the plans and need a commercial pool contractor to bid on your project? Either way, our team of experts will help with whatever you need to bring your pool project to life.

Trust us to design and build your pool to meet all building codes for commercial pools in Allen, TX. With over five decades of experience, Gold Medal Pools are experts in the industry and you can be sure your commercial pool project is in good hands with us.

Gold Medal Pools has contracted the finest hotels, luxury apartments, and fitness centers. We’ve also worked with schools and municipalities to create commercial pools that stand the test of time. Let us work with you to create a stunning space for your residents, guests, or employees

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