Pool Builders

Getting a new custom swimming pool can be exciting. But it can also turn into a lot of hard work. Without a knowledgeable guide, it’s easy for the design choices to overwhelm you on their own – ot to mention budgeting and construction. Fortunately, our team of custom pool builders can help.

Gold Medal Pools helps to simplify the process of pool construction. All you have to worry about is choosing a design you love. Then sit back, and we’ll make sure you have a fun, beautiful swimming pool for years to come!

You deserve to have a pool that’s perfect for the Prosper, Texas, summers. Gold Medal Pools has been a trusted pool builder for over 50 years. We’ll help you pick the best pool for your backyard and budget.

We manage every step of the construction process, from permits to pool time. You’ll get complete training on your new pool equipment so your investment lasts for decades.

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Pool Service and Maintenance

Which sounds more fun? Swimming in your pool, or cleaning it? Would you rather spend your Saturday afternoon relaxing in a lounge chair, or servicing your pool equipment? The answers are obvious, aren’t they? Let Gold Medal Pools do the dirty work with our complete pool service and maintenance.

We believe you should have pool service and maintenance that is excellent and efficient. Gold Medal Pools has been providing both  for over five decades. We have the knowledge and skills to perform proper cleaning and chemical management.

Pool Cleaning

Prosper, TX summers can wreak havoc on your pool. Storms quickly throw off your pool’s pH, calcium, and chlorine levels. And hot, dry days result in lots of evaporation. Our regular pool maintenance service includes regular chemical testing and management. Whether you’re a hotel or homeowner, Gold Medal Pools offers total cleaning services for you. Make sure your guests, residents, or family can enjoy your pool at all times.

Pool Repairs

If you need to have your pool or pool equipment repaired, Gold Medal Pools is here to help. Our well-trained, experienced pool professionals will always provide you with reliable service.


Did you buy a home or commercial property with an existing pool? Have us check it out. Rest easy knowing that your pool and its equipment are in good shape.

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Pool Renovations

Even some of the oldest pools can be made new again. Pool renovations are excellent, cost-effective ways to upgrade your backyard oasis. And they don’t just save you money. They save you time. Instead of weeks, you could be swimming in your like-new pool in days.

Replacing the tile at your pool’s waterline is an excellent way to update your pool.  Cracked, stained tiles ruin your pool’s entire look. It makes a world of difference when you update your waterline tile. There are so many options to choose from. Match your new tiles perfectly to other pool renovations.

Waterfalls, lighting, and slides can set your pool apart from the rest. When you add a water feature, you make your pool more enjoyable than ever. Adding a simple feature like new LED lighting is attractive and easy to maintain.

At Gold Medal Pools, we’ve restored every type of pool out there, including the following and more:

  • Concrete Pools
  • Aluminum Pools
  • Steel Pools
  • Acrylic Panel Pools
  • Fiberglass Pools and Spas

No matter the pool renovations you need, we can make your pool safer, stronger, and more appealing. Add a zero-entry addition. Have that deep end made shallow. Install new plumbing lines. Meet ADA disability standards. No matter your renovation need, Gold Medal Pools can help.

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Commercial Pools

Your commercial pool differs from a residential pool in many ways. When compared to residential pools, commercial pools often call for a higher headcount. You’ll also need written specifications and the required permits.

To accommodate more swimmers, you’ll need a robust circulation system. Your plumbing must adhere to commercial building codes. And you’ll want commercial-grade equipment. Not every pool builder in Prosper, Texas knows how to deliver a commercial project. Work with experienced pros!

Local municipalities have different regulations for commercial pool construction, including Prosper, Texas. We’ll make sure you’re compliant when it comes to fence barriers, safety covers, alarms, and more.

Gold Medal Pools has built many of Texas’ most prestigious commercial pools for over 50 years. We know that all businesses have different expectations from their commercial pools. Let’s have a chat about your pool project.

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