With a stifling-hot Texan summer fast approaching, it’s important to keep your pool clean and ready for swimming. In Dallas, pool service providers ensure that your pool water quality is top-notch while making sure that your pool equipment is working properly. However, some people forget that pools require constant maintenance. Improper maintenance is the leading cause of common pool issues, and can severely shorten the lifespan of your swimming pool. Ignoring these issues will not only lead to an unpleasant swimming experience, but it can also lead to health issues, as contaminated water can enter the body through the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. Here are some common swimming pool issues and how to handle them.


Discolored Water
Various contaminants can discolor your pool’s water. This happens when your pool equipment fails to effectively filter out the contaminants. Different chemicals will discolor your water in different ways: iron from metal railings or steps can rust and stain your pool a reddish-brown color, while equipment made of copper can leave your pool water with a gray or turquoise tinge. To minimize this, always make sure that your pool filters are working properly. Taking out submerged metal parts can lower the chances of discoloration, while “metal out” products can treat already discolored water by returning the dissolved metals to a soluble state.


Poorly maintained pools will encourage algae growth. Green algae float in and on top of the water; black algae tend to settle at the bottom of the pool, while the presence of pink slime indicates bacterial growth. Cloudy water, on the other hand, contains particulate matter such as dirt and is a sign of poor sanitation. To get rid of algae, you can brush off surfaces and skim the water, although applying algaecide is a much more effective way of dealing with the problem. Regularly cleaning out your pool filters can prevent future algae and bacterial growth. Use the right amount of chlorine and other sanitizers to make sure that your water is always safe to swim in.


Other Issues
Improper maintenance of pools can cause unusual issues such as foam on the surface of the water. Foam on the surface is usually an indicator that there is too much algaecide in the water. Foreign chemicals can also cause foam, and it’s important to identify the substance or substances as soon as possible.
The presence of copper, on the other hand, can cause blonde hair to turn green. Although the change of color can be shocking for some people, acids like lemon juice and vinegar can easily remove the green discoloration from hair follicles.
While good old-fashioned DIY can solve minor issues, if you want the best and most effective solutions, professional help is the way to go. At Gold Medal Pools, our professional pool technicians are AST, CPO, and AFO certified, and carry small appliance installer licenses from the state government. We render effective, efficient, and professional services to both residential and commercial properties in the Dallas and Frisco areas of Texas. Learn more about who we are by clicking here.