Bromine Or Chlorine

Q&A With Gold Medal Pools

A common question our pool experts receive is whether or not a pool owner should use chlorine or bromine to keep their pool in clean working order. There are several reasons why a pool owner might choose one chemical over the other. The pool service and maintenance specialists at Gold Medal Pools are here to answer some of the most common questions customers have when choosing between the two products.

Q: What Are The Main Differences Between Chlorine And Bromine?

A: Both chlorine and bromine work beneath the surface of your pool to decontaminate and kill bacteria; however, the processes towards this end result are where the two compounds differ completely. Chlorine uses a technique called oxidation, which removes electrons from the grime found in the water. Bromine instead focuses on ionization, forcing apart the chemical bonding of contaminants. The final outcome of these applications is very similar, resulting in a sparkling clean swimming pool.

Q: Which Is The Most Efficient Pool Cleaning Process?

A: The efficiency of a specific cleaning product is largely determined by its usage and the cleaning routine being used. Results can vary widely from customer to customer, making it difficult to pinpoint which product is more efficient or successful. Both chlorine and bromine have resulted in satisfying results for owners, especially when their lifestyle, swim habits, and maintenance routine aligns with the product’s manufacturing guidelines. If you choose Gold Medal Pools to handle your pool’s routine maintenance, our technicians all adhere to manufacturer specifications.

Opt For Chlorine For Faster Pool Cleanings And Bromine For long-lasting Applications!

Chlorine is well-known for its fast-acting agent, providing quick results for customers. Chlorine products require regular maintenance, chemistry checks, and frequent applications to ensure the continued cleanliness of your swimming pool. Although Bromine offers a slower process, the results last longer once completed, with minimal disruption to overall pool chemistry compared to chlorine.

Q. I Have Children Using The Pool; Which Cleaning Product Is Family-Friendly?
A: According to guidelines, both chlorine and bromine are safe when used according to a manufacturer’s instructions. Side effects can always occur for those with sensitivity to specific chemicals, although this is more commonly associated with exposure to chlorine products. Bromine can offer a friendly alternative for swimmers suffering from allergies, skin and eye issues, or asthma-related breathing conditions.

Contact The Gold Medal Pool’s Team To Discover The Best Pool Cleaning Option For You!

There are many benefits found in both chlorine and bromine products, but overall their efficiency and performance are best measured when reviewed against your pool itself! If you’re struggling to choose the right cleaning product, our team can help you discover the most suitable option on the market for you. We have years of experience helping to maintain clean, pristine pools across the Lewisville, Frisco, and Texas area, harnessing industry-leading knowledge to establish the best sanitizing practices based on your lifestyle and usage. Contact us today to find out more!