landscape your pool

Pool Landscape 101

Your swimming pool is a place of luxury, offering a retreat from the chaos of daily life, a hub of fitness, and a space to create happy memories with loved ones. With so much activity surrounding this area, it is important to ensure the centerpiece of your backyard is a pleasant and welcoming place for everyone to enjoy. With a little bit of know-how and the right landscaping, you can transform your pool, becoming the envy of the neighborhood! Here are a few tips the Gold Medal Pools Team has for landscaping your pool.

Choose Appropriate Plants And Shrubs To Bring Nature To Your Pool

Choosing the best plants for around your pool is no easy task! The location, surrounding area, and exposure to sunlight or chlorine water can affect the landscaping around your backyard. In Texas, specific plants and wildlife thrive in the warmer southern climate, whereas others will perish once challenged with drought-ridden conditions. Here are some of the most common plants our customers choose to add to their pool area without sacrificing their backyard to the harsh Texan sun:

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Aiming for drought-tolerant plants can be useful for those living in warmer climates or plant life placed close to your pool. The water in your pool can actively work against plants and flowers nearby, attracting and expelling heat absorbed from the sun and drawing moisture away from the soil. Plants adapted to withstand hot, drought-ridden environments will be able to tolerate these harsh conditions making them a long-lasting and sensible choice for pool owners in warmer climates. 

  • Lantanas can be planted in landscape bedding or containers around your pool. They flourish in hot, sunny weather and are tolerant to drought-ridden and humid conditions.
  • Mexican bush sage adds color to your backyard while withstanding the strong heat of the Texas sun. 

Alkaline And Salt Tolerant Plants

Pool water can be detrimental to the health of your backyard and the plant life in it. To properly landscape your pool, choose robust plants which can adapt to pool water exposure. A pool’s water chemistry must sit at a pH of 7 or higher, so it is very normal to find alkaline floating beneath the surface. Although this is not a risk for swimmers when chemicals are maintained at recommended levels, plantlife can be more suspectable to issues, especially when their roots are anchored close to the poolside area. Saltwater can cause similar results when met with a more fragile ecosystem, leading to burning and loss of leaves. Choosing flowers and plants which are more tolerant to alkaline and salt exposure can help save you the chore of constantly pulling up your dead plants. 

  • Elephant Ears create a tropical look around the pool, which is tolerant to heat, wind, and water sprays.
  • The Cannas flower emerges from the center of the leaves, adding an exotic feel to your backyard. It is also built to withstand water splashes, sprays, and hot temperatures.
Regular Pool Maintenance Will Help Your Plants Thrive

From blocked-up pipes to chemical spills, it can be difficult to keep your plants healthy without maintaining the pool. Providing regular checkups on chemical levels can help to ensure any imbalances are resolved before they wreak havoc on your plant life. Similarly, tending to filters and pipes can keep grime away from seeping into your picture-perfect backyard. The team at Gold Medal Pools has over five decades of experience helping customers keep their pools operating at peak efficiency; find out more about the services we provide in our pool maintenance packages.

Looking For Privacy While Swimming?

Creating privacy around your pool area can be a challenge for some owners, especially those living in heavily populated areas. Fortunately, many landscaping designs can create privacy. We’ve listed some of the most popular options for transforming your pool into a private, isolated area. 

Fencing, Screens, and Panels

One of the most common ways to ensure the privacy of your pool is to secure fences, screens, or paneling around the perimeter. Although this option may not come with the aesthetic feel of hedges and vines, they also require less dedicated upkeep. Materials range from wood to plastic, catering to all budgets, with custom designs available.


Hedges provide the perfect mix of privacy and decoration, making them an attractive barrier against close-by neighbors. Their durability and thickness create a tough barrier while offering a great view from the pool. These popular backyard plants can grow from 16 feet tall to 20 feet wide, blossoming with flowers in the summer to add a little extra color to your backyard. 


Vines weave their way around fencing and trellises, providing an additional barrier to any fence. Many vines are also quick growers, offering an efficient solution for pool owners seeking additional privacy around their pool.

Design Your Private Swimming Pool With The Gold Meal Pools Team

If you are ready to landscape your pool and want to give it a fresh look, give us a call. We have been helping customers in the greater DFW area for many years, working with customers to bring their dream pools to life. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern look or a lush resort-like backyard, we understand the many elements that go into creating a successful swimming pool, from professional designs to creative landscaping and planning. Choose our high-quality swimming pool design services for your next dream pool.