Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing At Gold Medal Pools

Pool fencing can often be overlooked in the planning process when designing your dream pool. A secure fence can protect family and pets while also meeting any regulations set by your city. Our team of experts created the ultimate guide to pool fencing, helping you navigate the nuances of pool fencing while finding the best style and design for your custom pool! 

Fence Requirements In Texas

For a pool’s fencing to be legal for the state of Texas, the fence must be at least 48 inches tall, with gaps no greater than 4 inches in diameter between either the slats or the ground. The direction of the slats should also be placed positioned towards the pool, with horizontal attachments located on the inside of the fence. The fence does not have to be installed directly around the pool but should at least surround the outermost part of the area where the pool is located. 

Gate Requirements In Texas

The gate for the pool fence must be a minimum of 48 inches tall. Gates should be self-closing, self-latching, and able to shut easily without much effort. 

Choose Your Material

When choosing the type of pool fencing, the experts at Gold Medal Pools can help you choose from several options. Our team has installed fences for various pools for both residential and commercial use and can help you decide which option is right for you. When it comes to design, Gold Medal Pools offers plenty of freedom to explore different styles and materials, finding the perfect combination to compliment your unique style. 

 Removable Mesh Fencing

Perfect for families, removable mesh is one of the safest forms of pool fencing, meeting state requirements at a conveniently low cost. The materials are very durable to outside elements and difficult for children to climb, offering a long-lasting barrier for families with younger swimmers. Styles for mesh fencing can also be altered to an owner’s unique tastes, with many paint colors, gate options, and pole designs available on the market. A mesh-style fence is also easily removed, making it a perfect option for a pool that will not be used all year long, as it can be easily stored. 

Metal Pool Fencing

Metal fencing can come in two options, aluminum, and steel. Both offer long-lasting durability and can be designed in a variety of options. Unlike mesh-style fencing, metal allows for more customization. Designs can range from sophisticated wrought iron to unique modern styles. 

Vinyl Fencing

Similar to metal fencing, vinyl fencing comes in various styles and color options. Vinyl fencing can be easily customized and crafted to fit your unique style and taste. Vinyl is also easier to clean than metal and can add additional privacy to your backyard.

Glass Enclosures

Enjoy uninterrupted views of your pool with glass! Glass panels provide all of the benefits of other enclosure options but allow you to see your pool without having any obstructions. Glass panels are a great option for families with children, who want to directly enclose their pool, but also want to be able to monitor them while swimming. 

Choose Professional Pool Fencing With Gold Medal Pools

When it comes to pool fencing, you want a pool contractor you can trust. Our Gold Medal Pools team has many years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining residential and commercial pools, making us the experts you can trust in a fencing job! Operating from our base in Frisco, Texas, and servicing much of the greater North Texas area, we have developed a superior knowledge of state regulations and general safety guidelines to ensure your pool is fit for the whole family. Find out more about our pool fencing services on our website, and contact us today to get started.