Pool Service and Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance work is the key to the longevity of your investment. And choosing Gold Medal Pools for your pool maintenance needs is the way to go. We provide professional pool service in Dallas and Frisco, TX areas. We help make sure all of your pumps, motors, filters, lights, etc. are running properly. Our professionals will test the water quality and clean your pool, so it always has that sparkling look as when you first purchased it. Contact us today to get on a regular maintenance schedule and protect the life of your swimming pool.

  • Our tech are AST Certified (Advanced Service Technician) and licensed by the state (Small Appliance Installer License).

  • We work on all brands of equipment-Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, Sta-Rite, Zodiac and Polaris.

  • Our Cleaning techs are CPO Certified and AFO certified

  • We service commercial pools as well as residential

  • We Perform leak detections and leak repairs

With over 20 years of experience in pool building and renovations, Gold Medal Pools knows what's best for your swimming pool.  Leave your maintenance to the pros, so you can spend your time enjoying your pool.

What We Do

Regular Pool Cleanings

The changing seasons in Texas bring different debris to your pool. Dust, dried leaves, and icy mud can end up in once clear swimming pools. Regular cleaning, therefore, is necessary to prevent the water from turning foul. More importantly, removing the debris prevents in-pool pumps and filters from clogging up. Our pool cleaners in Frisco, TX and Dallas, TX area can spare you the added expense of draining and re-filling your pool.

Pool Inspections

Pools need regular inspections because they have electrical components that run all year. Moreover, just like with kitchen appliances and gadgets, pool lights, pumps, and motors wear out. When this happens, it’s best to have professionals look at them. Otherwise, you risk overlooking issues that can be fixed with immediate solutions. The same goes for non-electric pool parts, like ledges, tiles, and linings. Our pool service team in Frisco, TX and Dallas, TX area inspects all these for you.

Pool Equipment Repairs & Replacement

Only professional pool technicians should handle glitches in your pool’s electric components. Entrusting them to less-experienced people could lead to costlier damage in the long run. Gold Medal Pools handles pool equipment repairs with care. We repair what we can and help you save on costs. If circumstances require it, we may recommend cost-effective replacements for your pool. You can count on our honest assessment.  

Pool Filter Replacements

Pool filters do well enough with regular cleaning, but, over time, they’ll still need to be replaced. With Gold Medal Pools as your Frisco pool service contractor, you don’t have to worry about finding filters that match your pool’s specs, though. We have access to suppliers of a wide range of durable and high-quality filters.  

Cleaning your pool regularly and checking that all equipment is running properly will allow a longer lifespan and provide the beauty you desire for your backyard oasis.


  • Scheduled Maintenance

    • Residential & Commercial

    • Local Service Area

  • Equipment Replacement & Repairs

    • Circulation Pumps

    • Filters

    • Heaters

    • Controls

    • Time Clocks

    • Salt Systems

    • Chlorinators

    • Check Valves

  • Leak Detection & Repair

    • Dye Tests

    • Pressure Test

    • Leak Location

    • Return Fitting

    • Spa Jet Replacement

  • Crack & Structural Repair

    • Epoxy Injection

    • TopSealing​

  • Pool Renovations

    • Acid Wash

    • Chlorine Baths

    • Tile Repair/Replacement

    • Coping Repair/Replacement

    • Plaster Repairs

    • Rust Repairs

    • Resurfacing

    • Deck Repair/Replacement, & Resurfacing

    • Water Features

    • Lighting

  • Vinyl Liner Replacement & Repairs

    • All Pool Shapes​


Certified Pool/Spa Operator® Certification


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