Regular Pool Cleaning and Service

Gold Medal Pools helps you create a customized pool service that will keep your pool healthy for years to come. Let us develop a personalized maintenance plan for your residential or commercial pool based on your pool’s size, construction, and equipment.

We promise to make sure your pool is open for swimming all season long. Choose from our most popular regular pool cleanings and pool maintenance services that fit the needs of your family and guests.

how importnat is regular pool maintenance


Pool Skimming
In addition to your regular skimming routine, your pool service technician from Gold Medal Pools will eliminate leaves, insects, and other contaminants on each visit. We’ll remove debris before it sinks to your pool’s bottom where it can result in hard-to-remove stains. Regular skimming helps extend the life of your filtration and pump system.

Pool Wall and Surface Cleaning
No matter how perfect you keep your pool’s chemical makeup, algae and debris will eventually build up on pool surfaces if not removed. Our pool technicians will brush sediment from your pool’s lining and other surfaces. Fixtures like ladders, slides, and lighting collect dirt and other debris if they are not cleaned regularly.

Pool Vacuuming
Once surfaces are cleaned, we’ll remove contaminants from your pool with proper vacuuming. Like many pool owners, you probably own an automatic pool vacuum. But even the most advanced automatic pool vacuums can’t replace a professional pool service. Our technicians make sure no dirt and debris are left behind on your pool’s floor, walls, or other surfaces.

Pool Pump Maintenance
To keep your pool crystal clear and safe for swimming, your pool’s water circulation system needs to operate at peak efficiency. We’ll make sure your pool pump, skimmer, and other equipment are operating properly. Our certified pool technicians are familiar with all brands. We find small issues before they turn into big problems for residential and commercial pools.

Pool Filter Cleaning and Backwash
Whether you use a sand, cartridge, or vertical grid DE pool filter, it needs to be properly maintained to ensure it lasts its full life expectancy. We’ll maintain your filter according to manufacturer recommendations. You won’t have to worry about clogged filters again. We’ll check your filter regularly, make sure all debris is removed, and backwash as needed.

Pool Water Testing
The health of your pool water helps to not only ensure lots of summer fun and swimming, but also the longevity of your pool. Our technicians at Gold Medal Pools know exactly how to perform and read chemical tests for your pool. We’ll come up with a plan to maintain your pool water based on your pool’s general use, the weather, and other factors.

Pool Chemical Management
Instead of transporting harsh chemicals in your car, a certified pool service technician brings everything your pool needs. With disinfectants and sanitizers, we’ll keep algae and bacteria out of your pool. When your pool water calls for a shock treatment, our experts will calculate the right amount of product to use, and will choose safe, effective products for your family and guests.

Salt System Maintenance
Saltwater chlorine generators must be checked and maintained differently than traditional chlorine systems. Let our CPO and APO-certified technicians keep your pool free of harsh chlorine levels but still keep your swimming pool safe. We’ll properly optimize your system for weather events and normal pool use.


We’d be happy to set up an appointment to meet you and learn more about how we can help.

Additional Pool Services
Gold Medal Pools is a full-service pool builder. If you have issues beyond general pool cleaning, we can help. Get the following additional services from your familiar pool service technicians.

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Pool Opening
  • Pool Closing
  • Pool Winterizing
  • Acid Washing
  • Scale Removal
  • Pool Repairs
  • Pool Renovations
  • Pool Equipment Repairs
  • Pool Inspections
  • Leak Detection

Cleaning your pool is crucial to proper pool maintenance. Gold Medal Pools has been designing, building, and cleaning pools in Texas for over 50 years. We are licensed, insured, and certified. No matter your pool cleaning needs or the custom service required, we can help.