What’s better than taking a quick dip in your pool on a hot day? Going night swimming!
Night swimming is one of the best ways to unwind from a long day. It’s an activity you can enjoy alone, with a special someone, or to entertain the whole family. It’s accessible to you at any moment, so long as your pool is clean and the lights are on.
If you haven’t changed your pool lights in a while, though, you may want to take care of this first before you start going for a swim after the sun is down. This is not a feature you can afford to overlook. Pool lights ensure that everyone is safe when night swimming and they enhance the overall experience.
Here are 6 things you need to be aware of when picking out pool lights:
1. There Are Different Types of Lights
It’s one thing to understand that you need new lights, but it’s another to know what kind of pool lights are right for your home.
There are three main kinds of lighting options to choose from as far as bulbs go: incandescent, halogen, and LED. Then, you have to decide whether you want flush-mounted underwater lights or surface-mounted underwater lights.
You may even decide to get a few floating lights just for fun, or to completely re-do the lighting that surrounds your pool.
2. Pay Close Attention to the Voltage
Not sure if it’s better to buy LED or halogen lights? Look at the voltage that all of your top choices require. This will help you get a better idea of how your new lights are going to take up energy in your home.
In fact, you might need to install a converter. But, it’s much better to be aware of this as you plan your pool upgrades than to find out at the last minute there’s one more thing you need to take care of.
3. Choose the Right Face Ring and Power Chords
Once you know what kind of light bulb you’d like to have and the voltage you need to buy it in, consider the kind of face ring and power chords you’ll need.
Face rings come in plastic or stainless steel models. Plastic is cheaper and easier to install, but it’s prone to cracking and it doesn’t create the most show-stopping look. Stainless steel, on the other hand, looks much better; it’s worth the extra investment.
Power chords offer a few more options.
They come in various lengths, which is a detail you need to pay special attention to. Ideally, you’d like to hook up all of your lights to the same outlet and have them run on the same system. If you end up with chords that are too short, you may have to get resourceful when installing and connecting all of your new pool lights.
4. It’s Worth Using Unique Colors
Another thing to keep in mind about pool lights is that they can be anything you want them to be. Instead of sticking with standard, boring lights, consider creating an outdoor space that’s more unique.
Take a look at the colors on the exterior of your home and in your garden. Think about the kind of environment you want to enjoy as you go night swimming.
For a fun, lively experience, it’s worth installing multi-colored lights that complement one another and get the party started. For something more relaxed and laid-back, a single-colored set of lights like a calming blue or a peaceful green may be the way to go.
5. You Need a Good Remote
Whether you’re getting a bunch of different colored lights or you’re installing a lot of standard lights, you need one remote that’s able to control them all. This way you don’t have to get in and out of the pool to make sure the lighting is how you like it. All you have to do is click a few buttons from wherever you are to get the lights just right.
Your remote doesn’t have to be anything complex or over the top. However, it’s worth exploring what options you have instead of sticking with standard light switches on the wall. There are even apps available for you to download on your phone if you want something super easy and functional.
6. Outside Lighting Matters, Too
The final thing to consider as you’re picking out new pool lights is what you’re going to do about the above-water lighting. If you’re taking the time to put new lights in your pool, you may as well upgrade all the lighting in your backyard to create something spectacular.
This will ensure everything matches and create a flow between the inside of the house, the seating area you have outdoors, and of course, the pool itself. Take the time to decide what kind of accent lighting you’d like to have and identify where feature lighting is going to go. This is the extra step that makes a huge difference.
How to Install Your Brand-New Pool Lights
Keep in mind that you still have to tackle the installation process once you’ve made all your decisions about which pool lights to buy. Or, you can just hire the professionals to take care of the installation for you.
The choice should be clear. It’s much better to bring in an extra set of experienced, hardworking hands than to try to DIY this project.
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