Are you tired of your kids leaving wet trails all through your house as they come dripping in from the pool to use the bathroom or grab a snack? You can resolve this problem by adding a pool house to your backyard. Here are a few of the best pool house ideas for your backyard that you should consider.

Tropical Pool House

Do you want to add a pool house without disturbing the relaxing tropical vibes that your pool gives off? If so, consider styling your backyard pool house after a tropical pool house with cabana-like textures and designs. You can use rustic, reclaimed wood and other natural tropical elements, such as stone, sand, and shells to create the perfect environment. You could even create a fun loft for the kids with woven nets and vintage keepsakes that will make them feel like they have been whisked away into an island treehouse. Comfy wicker furniture such as hanging egg chairs would be perfect for a tropical pool house. You can also add nautical-inspired decor to go along with the tropical theme of your pool house. This will help your pool house to be convenient, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing.

Guest House

If you like the idea of a pool house but wonder how much use you’d really get out of it, consider expanding your pool house design slightly into a small guest house. Your small pool/guest house could have a small bedroom with storage and comfortable furniture. If you have a lot of space in your yard to dedicate to your guest house, you could also add a kitchenette, which would allow it to function as a separate living space. This could be especially helpful if you have adult children visiting from college or elderly parents that can no longer live independently. You can also use your guest house as a convenient space to host friends and family who are visiting. Your guest house should also feature a separate bathroom with easy pool access to be useful as a pool house. If you have a pool house that functions as a handy bathroom and changing space that also has a place for guests to stay, your space will feel much more useful.

Kid-Friendly Pool House

Most basic pool houses feature a bathroom and changing room/locker room of sorts. If you have kids at home and need a more kid-friendly layout, consider some of these unique features. You can create a bathroom that has two doors, one connecting to the inside of the pool house, and one that leads right out to the pool. This will help to prevent accidents and water from being dripped all throughout the pool house. You can also add an easy outdoor changing area with seating and a curtain that can be drawn to provide the area with some privacy. This is particularly useful if you’re hosting a large group that can’t all fit in the pool house at once. Parents will love the easy access to the outdoor changing area, especially if they’re needing to change swim diapers or help small children. You can also stock your kid-friendly pool house with pool toys, outdoor games, and other fun entertainment features to keep the kids occupied.

Pool House + Kitchenette

If you love hosting during the summer months and want to make the most of your backyard space, consider combining your pool house with a kitchenette and eating area. You can create a small, useful pool house that has a covered area for the kitchenette and seating. This will allow you to spend nearly the entire day in the backyard as you’re able to easily transition from having fun in the pool to fueling up with a delicious meal. This will also prevent you from having wet kids and the post-pool mess in your kitchen as you’re trying to get your family and friends fed. If you feel you can easily prepare your food indoors, you don’t even need to add an oven to your kitchenette. It can be a simple layout with a grill, countertop, and plenty of seating.

Relaxation Central

You’ll really love your pool house if you incorporate a couple of comfy add-ons that transform it into the relaxation central of your backyard. You can customize your relaxing pool house space according to your own interests and needs. For example, you could add a fire pit where you can roast hot dogs and marshmallows for an easy outdoor meal. You could also add plenty of soft, waterproof furniture for post-pool reclining and relaxation. Don’t forget to incorporate a couple of hanging egg chairs or hammocks! This will encourage your family to spend more time outside, which is good for their mental and physical health.

So, if you’ve been debating about adding a pool house to your backyard, remember these pool house designs that you might love. You can add a tropical pool house, a guest house, a kid-friendly pool house, a pool house, and kitchenette, or a relaxation pool house. Personalizing your pool house according to your interests and lifestyle will help you create the perfect space for your family.

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