A backyard swimming pool with a waterfall feature.

A common question that customers ask when they contact Gold Medal Pools is:

“How much will this pool cost?”

We can answer that question—but not without going to the customer’s house and examining many variables before delivering a quote. Since no two situations are alike, there is no way to put a price tag on a particular pool design without us checking a few things out first.

“The best way to know exactly what a pool is going to cost is for us to quote it,” says Erik Geiger, head of sales at Gold Medal Pools. “Part of that is seeing and assessing the site. Things like access, slope in the yard, and soil conditions can impact the ultimate cost of the project. We’ve been focusing on our Family Series a lot, and we’ve been trying to determine ‘Hey, this is about what it’s going to cost.’ Honestly without being there, seeing it, and assessing those things, there is really no way to say definitively.”

What exactly goes into quoting and building a backyard swimming pool? It involves much more than just digging a hole and filling it with water. Here is a closer look at the process:

  1. We meet with the homeowner at their home (or via phone calls, email, and video calls, like FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype with the current social distancing restrictions)
    • Survey conditions in the backyard (with or without the homeowner present)
      • Discuss design options
      • Gold Medal Pools team and the homeowner focus on a design direction
  2. Customer visits the Gold Medal Pools showroom to see our live pool display and review the design. The customer chooses the shape, tile, and any upgrades, like a spa or water features. This can also be done virtually if necessary through phone calls, emails, video calls (given the current stay-at-home restrictions)
  3. Once we reach and agreement, we obtain a permit
    • Requires permission first from the power company and then from the municipality
    • In most cases, we must also ensure the pool is compliant with homeowners’ association bylaws
  4. Prepare the backyard
    • Gold Medal Pools crew arrives and gains access to the yard/take fences down
    • Pre-grade the area
    • Mark off the layout of the project for final approval by the homeowner
  5. Excavate the pool
  6. Plumb the pool—in most cases, the plumbing is run the entire way to the final location of the equipment
  7. Install reinforcing steel
    • Includes a bonding inspection to make sure that there are no electrical hazards
  8. Shoot gunite, the concrete shell, in the area that has been excavated
    • Gunite is applied pneumatically, or with the use of air pressure
  9. Install tile
  10. Install stonework, if applicable
  11. Install electrical
  12. Install decking
    • Perform a deck bonding inspection, primarily to make sure the electrical work is bonded and safe
    • Deck is either poured or installed
  13. Clean the concrete shell, perform site grading, install irrigation if included, and apply the interior finish
  14. Fill the pool with water and perform start-up of the system
  15. Swim!

Once the installation of the pool is complete, some clean-up is involved that includes putting the fences back up, grading the site, and sprinkler repair (if applicable), among other things. The entire process takes approximately six to eight weeks for a “normal” project.

Many steps and much work goes into bringing our customers something that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and memories for them and their families. At Gold Medal Pools, we strive for both top tier quality and affordability. We offer financing to those who qualify, with payments as low as $190 per month. We offer many choices from our Family Series (from the $30,000s), our Luxury Series (from the $60,000s), and our Estate Series ($100,000+).

“Every situation is different,” Geiger says. “Every yard is different. Every pool is different. No two are the same. Give us a call, and let us get the process started in your yard.”

Get started on your Gold Medal Pools custom pool today.