Holiday Spirit at Gold Medal Pools
The holidays are here!  ‘Tis the season for gathering with friends and family.  Many of us will be decorating our homes to foster a fun, festive feeling and help welcome our guests.  While you’re stringing lights and putting up your holiday decorations, don’t forget your your backyard space and even your swimming pool itself.  There are many ways to bring holiday cheer to your outdoor retreat, and if it doesn’t yet include a swimming pool, now might be the perfect time to plan for a pool and the perfect gift for your loved ones this year – one that is sure to bring joy for years to come.  Although it may be cold outside right now, swimming pools can make a big splash this time of year. Let’s dive into some holiday spirit for your backyard and pool.
Top Holiday Decor Inspirations For Your Pool
1. Festive Floating
Hop onto Pinterest for some real holiday decorating inspiration. You’ll find  fun and totally doable ideas for dressing up your swimming pool.  Here are some DIY ideas to get you started:
– Float seasonal flowers with hoola-hoops ringing the blooms.  
– Use pool noodles as the floating base for a wreath decorated with greenery and ornaments. 
– Use plastic or foam decorations to keep the weight reasonable.   
– Using a large foam base, create a holiday scene or a spray of flowers.  Could you pull off Santa’s sleigh?   
– Float some beautifully decorated boxes as “presents”
Additionally, there are many fun, pre-fabricated floats available for purchase online – inflatable Christmas trees, Santas and more.  Google “holiday decorations for the swimming pool” and take a peek. Log on to Amazon, or your favorite retailer, to get inspired or to start your shopping.  No DIY-skills needed! 
2. Illuminate Your Pool for the Holidays
Lights are a big part of holiday decorating.  Though we never recommend using electric lights anywhere near water, you can find beautiful solar and battery-powered floating globes to brighten up you pool.  You can also source floating candles to set the perfect mood. Even simply changing the colors of your pool lights is one easy way to set the holiday mood.  LED lights have made light color changing simple with lots of options to choose from.  
Holiday Gift List Inspiration  
1. Don’t Forget the Pool!
Are you ready to start construction on your own pool in 2020?  Have you been dreaming of a renovation for your dated swimming pool?  Why not announce to your family your plans for the pool in the form of an unforgettable holiday gift? Try wrapping up some flippers or goggles and let them figure it out.  Or, wrap up your pool plans to surprise your spouse. Here at Gold Medal Pools, we will help you do just that! Every year, we create special gift envelopes for our customers to wrap up their designs and surprise their loved ones during Holidays.  We can think of few gifts that will get more use over the coming years.  A pool isn’t something the kids (or adults for that matter) will outgrow or lose interest in.  It will serve as a cool oasis come summertime and will provide a beautiful view year round.
2. Fun Accessories for All
Consider gifting a fun floaty this holiday season.  The pool inflatables industry has really stepped up their game.  Wish you had a giant floating swan to sun on? That’s available; it is typically stocked on Amazon.  Would your son or daughter get a kick out of a floating taco, donut or unicorn?  Pretty sure those are all out there available for sale. Or, how about some of those quality rafts you keep putting off?  Many retailers offer excellent out-of-season deals this time of year.
3. Hassle-Free Pool Time
Here’s another idea.  Maybe mom or dad would love the gift of professional pool maintenance.  Just because we aren’t in it all the time this time of year, the pool still needs some attention and love.  Regular maintenance protects your investment and keeps your pool sparkling throughout all season.  Outsourcing this job to a professional can save valuable time and ensure the job is done right. 
Are you ready to get started on the pool of your dreams?  Serving the DFW area for more than 20 years, Gold Medal Pools has earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and some of the largest commercial pool owners in the area by using the most advanced technologies available in the industry, applying proven craftsmanship and hands-on techniques. Does your pool need a facelift?  We’re proud to be a trusted pool renovator who works closely with clients to architect and manufacture stunning transformations.  Are you seeking to upgrade your current pool lighting? Gold Medal Pools can guide you in your lighting selection and will complete the installation safely and efficiently.   Contact us today to learn more.