pool deck options

With over 10.4 million residential pools across the US alone, you’ve probably seen many different types of pool decks while visiting relatives or taking a peek at your neighbor’s backyard. You might be asking yourself what are my pool deck options 

Similar to pools, decking can come in a range of materials and styles, with specific designs more suited to certain shapes, climates, and yards. If you’re starting out on your pool project journey or remodeling your current one, follow our guide from experienced experts in the field to help find the perfect decking for your next installation. 

The Importance Of Pool Decking

Decking is an essential part of many pools, offering a safe transition in and out of the water and providing more usable space to relax by your pool. A well-designed deck area around a pool can also allow additional drainage support. Mapping out your pool’s surrounding features is an integral part of the design process, creating a space that looks both aesthetically pleasing and works well with the current landscaping of your backyard.

A Decking Is More Than Just Wood

Often, the term decking can be confused with the rustic, wooden structures popularly used on the front porches of many homes. However, in the pool industry, the deck commonly refers to the waterside surroundings of your pool, ranging from wooden decks to smooth concrete surfaces and paved paths. 

Create A Space Of Relaxation And Leisure Through Creative Decking Designs

A residential pool can offer much more than just private backyard swimming sessions. Many of our customers wish to create additional social space or a place of leisure in their backyards, dedicated to relaxation, spending time with family, and embracing a welcoming dip in the pool. Choosing the most suitable material for your pool decking can help to make your future space a tranquil and safe area for your whole family. Consider your lifestyle and climate before committing to the final design.

Family-Friendly Pool Decking

If you have children who will be using your pool, consider using materials suitable for younger swimmers. As poolside spaces can be near impossible to keep dry when swim sessions are in full swing, the difference between a slip-resistant deck and a standard concrete surface can become very real when little ones are playing around the pool. Investing in slip-resistant options such as composite decking can reduce the risk of falls from wet poolside areas. Owners may also opt for a heat-resistant finish to reduce the impacts of sun exposure and uncomfortable hot surfaces. 

Gold Medal Pools’ Top Pool Deck Options

There are many options for pool decks on the market, from affordable plastic materials to pristine tile surfaces, yet, the costs, maintenance, and durability can often differ widely depending on many contributing factors. To help you make the most of your new pool and surrounding areas, we’ve listed some of the most common decking materials to match you to your perfect fit, covering affordability, maintenance, and usage. 

For Low-Cost Decking, Invest In Concrete

Available in a variety of colors, concrete is one of the most cost-effective materials for pool decking. Both water-resistant and durable to weathering, this hardy option creates a smooth and clean canvas lasting up to ten to fifteen years, depending on the environment or UV exposure. 

Get Creative With Concrete Decks

If you are looking for more creative options, concrete can also be ‘stamped’ to resemble different materials such as stone, tile, or brick without the additional expense or maintenance, creating a unique and long-lasting poolside spot without the higher price tag on installation or maintenance

Wooden Decks Can Leave A Lasting Impression On A Pool’s Surroundings

Natural and rustic in their appearance, wooden decks create an authentic feel of nature in your backyard, offering a welcoming space for outdoor swimming. However, one of the major advantages of this type of surfacing is its versatility towards individual deckings. Wooden decks are easier to customize than other alternatives to a pool’s unique shape, cutting materials to the required sizing and adjusting to measurements and height when required. 

On-Going Maintenance Is A Part Of Wooden Deck Ownership

Unfortunately, where wood thrives in flexibility, it is unmatched to alternatives in durability and longevity. Unlike concrete, yearly maintenance is recommended to reduce damage from weathering or insects who enjoy the damp conditions of warm, humid spaces. Additional re-finishing is also recommended every 3-4 years to maintain quality and appearance, making up-keep of your deck at times a costly commitment. 

Tired of Wood? Experiment With Synthetic Decking!

Traditional wooden deckings may offer confidence with your purchase but sometimes fail to address all of your needs, requiring further up-keep or alterations after installation. Synthetic or composite decking can be a reliable choice without the maintenance and weathering issues that are plagued with rustic counterparts. They can also offer a safe swim spot without splinters or falls, protect the surrounding environment of your backyard, and offer a longer lifespan than standard wooden decking. 


Choose Your Colors And Patterns With Brick Pool Paving!

Easy to maintain, resistant to sun damage, and a stylish feature to your poolside, brick pavers are another popular choice for your decking. Patterns and colors can range in many options, offering unique designs for those looking to get creative with their space. Brick paving also offers great traction and a comfortable surface for swimmers, reducing injuries and risk of falls on wet surfaces while protecting the skin from hot surfaces with its cooling, moisture-absorbent properties. 

Beware Of Moss On Brick Surfaces

Although this durable material is famed for its ease of maintenance and hardy abilities, it is important to keep on top of the high growth of moss, which can create a safety hazard. As moss is dependent on both moisture and nutrients in its surroundings, you should consider your backyard’s plant life and climate before investing in a brick paving option.


Invest In Elegant Stone Surfacing For Your Pool

A sophisticated stone deck can work wonders on the overall aesthetic of your pool design and backyard landscaping. If you’re aiming for an elegant space to take a dip or relax with a book, this material is offered in a variety of styles, textures, and patterns, from cool colored limestones to timeless weathered granites. 

Always Research Your Stone Before Purchase

Unlike many alternative deckings, it is impossible to pinpoint all the positives and negatives of a stone deck. This is because the choice of material itself can affect many other factors which contribute to determining the most suitable choice for you. Prices vary widely based on availability in local areas and shipment costs. Durability is largely dependent on the stone, quality of the supplier, and treatment prior to installation. We advise customers to research individual stones before committing to their purchase.

Efficient Installation With Tiled Pool Decking

A tiled deck is one of the most efficient materials to install, seamlessly accompanying plain concrete surfaces, wooden structures, or even bare ground. A popular style of choice is to match tiled surfaces to other interior designs, creating a harmonious transition from the home’s indoor space to the outdoor deck of your pool.

Look Out For Slippery Surfaces When Purchasing Decking Tiles

Apply caution with highly glazed tiles which offer little traction on wet surfaces, aiming for tiles graded with slip resistance to create a safe environment for all swimmers. An unglazed option such as terracotta, travertine, or porcelain will offer more protection when wet and withstand winter frosts and icy temperatures. 

Choose Gold Medal Pools for Your Pool Deck Options

There is decking out there for every swimming pool, which fits each homeowner’s unique style, needs, and budget! We offer a wide variety of pool deck options. As a premier Texas swimming pool builder, Gold Medal Pools has proudly served the local community with high-quality pool installation for over 50 years. We can guide you through the design process, all the way to installation, advising on materials that address your needs while complimenting the backyard. Contact us today for more information about our services for the Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Fort Worth, Prosper, Celina, and Plano areas.