Why Choose Pool Maintenance Technicians That Are CPO and AFO Certified

Swimming season is here again. It’s time to open your pool back up for friends, family, and guests. Whether your pool is in your backyard paradise or you own a facility with a public swimming pool, you know the work that’s required to keep it in top shape all summer long. Are you thinking about hiring a pool service this year instead of taking care of it on your own? 

A pool service can save you a lot of time and stress while your pool is open. But how do you know you’re getting a good value? Hire pool maintenance technicians that are CPO and AFO certified. With well-qualified pool technicians, you don’t just get a clean pool. You get a safe, healthy, efficient pool that can save you cash or even help your facility get a return on your investment.

What is CPO Certification?

The Certified Pool & Spa Operator is the world’s leading education and certification for keeping pools safe and open. CPO certification offers technicians the knowledge, techniques, and skills needed for proper pool operations.

CPO technicians are skilled in the following and more:

  • Reducing risks in and around the water
  • Preventing drownings, illnesses, accidents, electrocutions, poisoning, and slip-and-falls
  • Meeting regulatory guidelines
  • Managing disinfection, water balance, and chemicals
  • Performing chemical tests
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Use automation and other new technologies

CPO technicians learn from certified instructors and cover information from the Pool & Spa Operator Handbook and local codes. Course completion can occur through the following:

  • Classroom: Consists of a 14–16-hour, two-day program taught by a certified instructor
  • Hybrid: Allows techs to take an online CPO course and one-day, in-person class of instruction
  • Online: CPO classes and testing are being offered online in select states due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements
  • Recertification: Candidates with current CPO certifications can take an abbreviated CPO course, followed by an exam, in-person or virtual, depending on the jurisdiction.

A pool math section of the course focuses on teaching essential swimming pool and spa calculations. It includes everything from a basic math skills test to important conversions and calculations. Many states require Pool and Hot Tub Alliance certifications for licenses and permits. The CPO certification is a common, comprehensive requirement. The course is taught by a certified instructor and covers the 18 chapters in the PHTASM Pool & Spa Operator Handbook.

What Is AFO Certification?

The Aquatic Facility Operator certification is administered by the National Recreation and Park Association. The AFO certification program provides current, comprehensive training for pool operators. It includes information on the following and more:

  • Water Chemistry
  • Disinfection
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Operations
  • Healthy Pools
  • Safety

Many states view AFO certification as equivalent to CPO certification. Those who seek certification often work with Parks and Recreation Departments. The AFO Certification is recognized by the CDC and all 50 states. It satisfies the recommended requirements for the operation of public swimming pools in the US. In addition to pool chemistry and mechanics, the AFO certification covers management, programming, and profitability. Technicians learn how to achieve profitability with an aquatic facility using swim lessons, aqua fitness, and aquatic therapy programs. AFO classes discuss current trends in facility management, programming, and design. Technicians get resources to help facilities become top-notch. Many job postings for aquatic directors in major metro areas now require AFO certification. AFO is especially important for aquatic facilities that have programming. National certification is a way pool technicians can show that they are serious professionals in the field of aquatics and are committed to providing the highest level of service and excellence. The Aquatic Facility Operator certification proves that your pool maintenance technicians have the skills needed to make your facility safer and more efficient. Especially if you’re working in public, semi-public, municipal, or waterpark facilities.

After completion of the AFO course and an exam, participants are certified by the National Recreation and Park Association. AFO certification is renewed every five years. AFO courses provide in-depth instruction into many facets of aquatic facility operation and management. AFO Certified techs are experts on the following and more:

  • Filtration
  • Water Testing
  • Water Treatment
  • Pool Design
  • Facility Management
  • Risk Management
  • Facility Troubleshooting

Choose CPO & AFO Certified Technicians

Commercial and public facilities appreciate the need for CPO and AFO certified technicians most of all. In many states and municipalities, certification is required when caring for commercial pools that are open to the public. Having a safe pool available to guests and residents is critical to your business. A certified technician knows how to keep your pool safe and open 24/7 all season long without exceeding your budget. Residential pool owners can also experience the benefits of hiring a pool service with certified pool maintenance technicians. These technicians have been trained on how to hold your pool to the highest quality and health standards. You can trust that your pool maintenance technician is well-trained and knows what to do in any situation. Contact Gold Medal Pools and schedule your pool service appointment! Our technicians are all CPO and AFO certified, with knowledge exceeding the industry standard. Call us today about our special year-long contracts!