As you sit on your back porch the summer heat is oppressive. Your hair gets matted with sweat, making it stick to the back of your neck. There has to be a better way to cool off other than sucking down iced tea and lemonade during the sweltering heat of the summer months.
That’s when it hits you… a POOL!
A beautiful oasis that is pleasing to the eye and super convenient to jump into on a hot day. But wait, before you start breaking ground in your backyard, there are some things you should consider first.
Keep reading to learn 10 questions to ask yourself before you commit to building a swimming pool.
  • 1. Is Your Yard Suitable for Building a Swimming Pool?
The first thing you should ask yourself is whether your yard is capable of supporting a pool.
Do you have a space large enough to build the pool you desire? Would you need to remove obstacles such as trees to open the space?
You should also consider whether your land is suitable for building a pool. Land that is too sandy or gravelly might prohibit you from building an in-ground pool. Another thing to consider is how the machines will get to the spot you want to build on. You should have at least an 8-foot wide path to the location of your future pool.
  • 2. What Are Your Local Building and Zoning Laws?
When you are making a plan for building a swimming pool, you should learn about your local building and zoning laws.
Runoff regulations could limit the size and scope of your pool deck. Other laws could require you to fence in your pool. Another important thing to know is where the utility cables and plumbing pipes run on your land. It is very important to adjust your building plans according to the zoning laws that apply to your area.
  • 3. What Is Your Goal?
When you think about wanting a pool, what do you imagine doing in it? Do you want somewhere to relax and lounge in the water, play water sports, or take advantage of low-impact hydro exercising? What the intended use of the pool is will very influence the size and shape of the pool.
  • 4. Who Is the Pool For?
Along those same lines, you want to consider who will be using the pool when you are coming up with a preliminary design. If you and your partner are going to be the exclusive occupants of the pool, you may opt for a smaller, more romantic setup. If you intend on having children in the pool, you will want to have a shallower end on one side or handrails on the stairs.
  • 5. What Style Would Complement Your House and Landscape?
As you are deciding what you want your pool area to look like, you need to consider what the house style and surrounding landscape look like. If you have a modern home, you want to build the pool in a similar modern design so they complement each other. If you have a breathtaking natural view from your property, you might consider building a pool that fits in with the natural landscape. Also, consider how you will be viewing the pool most often. If you build a pool with a volleyball net, would it obstruct the view from the kitchen window? If that kind of thing would bother you, consider a different layout.
  • 6. Disregard Budget, What Is Your Ideal Pool Area Layout?
It sounds outlandish, but if you plan your perfect design out before you start to build anything it could save you money in the long run. If you build a pool now and decide later that you want a pool house or a red brick grilling station you may not have space for it. Even if you do not have the budget for the pool house or the grilling station yet, you can leave space for those other things. When you have more money to spend, build the next feature.
The average cost to build a pool is $22,000. Keep that in mind when you are deciding what you want to include in your initial building plan.
  • 7. What Materials Will You Use?
The complete look of your pool depends on what materials you use to build it. Plaster is the most common material to build pools, but other materials like tile mosaics and natural stones are gaining popularity. There are limitations to every material you could use to build your pool, so be wary.
  • 8. What Kinds of Pool Features Do You Want?
Pool design has made huge advancements since the old-fashioned kidney-shaped bowls. There are features that are pleasing to the eye such as fountains, waterfalls, and fire features. Other features customize the way you use your pool such as benches, stairs, slides, or sports equipment. One of the hottest trends in pool design is a fire feature. Having the juxtaposition of a flaming brazier on top of your water feature can set a dramatic tone.
  • 9. How Will You Maintain the Pool?
The only unfortunate part about owning a pool is having to maintain it. You could opt to hire a company that cleans it for you or you could save some money and do it yourself. There are some new advancements that would help make the task easier should you choose to maintain the pool yourself. State-of-the-art filters and pumps can minimize cleanings, or you could go with a higher-tech option. An automatic pool cleaning system rises from the bottom of the pool to eliminate algae and debris.
  • 10. Which Builder Will You Choose?
The best way to decide which pool builder you will use is to refer to honest testimonials from friends and neighbors. The most reliable information comes from people who have pool setups that you admire. Search for a pool builder with an extensive book of completed projects and years of experience.
  • Need More Help?
If you are still unsure and have questions, or if you are ready to pull the trigger and build the pool of your dreams, we can help!
Feel free to contact us today about building a swimming pool in your backyard.