Outdoor Pool Design Trends for 2022
The pandemic closed attractions and activities around the country last summer. You may have found yourself thinking more carefully about how you use your home’s interior and exterior. In terms of resale and entertainment, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that brings more value to your home than building a pool.
The decision to have a pool custom built to your heart’s desire means you can tailor the features included to best suit you and your family.
As 2020 kept us at home, we realized just how important the function and feel of our houses are. So, for 2022, most pool design trends revolve around crafting your pool as an inviting space where you can take a “staycation” to escape from reality.
Here’s what the experts at Gold Medal Pools think will be the top three outdoor pool design trends for 2022.
Modern Designs
Sleek, modern pool designs are in for 2022. In lieu of complicated shapes and features, most homeowners are opting for simple shapes that allow the pool to blend with their home and backyard architecture. It also presents an elegant look that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your property.
Many modern pool designs feature rectangular shapes with flat edges, often incorporating hot tubs into the pool itself. A knife-edge design allows the pool’s edges to remain in line with your patio, creating a cohesive look for your backyard. Plus, if your yard is at an incline, then an infinity pool is a natural feature.
Dark colors are another excellent way to bring a modern touch to your pool design. Grays, blacks, and dark blues will enhance your pool’s color while naturally heating the water as it absorbs sunlight. They can also help tie together landscaping by giving your pool a more natural look.
Eye-Catching Features
Dazzling water, lighting, and fire features can elevate your pool design and recreate the feel of your favorite vacation resort. That’s why these simple additions are becoming increasingly popular for 2022.
Water features can range from cascading waterfalls and adjacent koi ponds to simple jets or fountains. These types of features can provide enhanced filtration.
For the investment, lighting can be an excellent way to add sophistication, wayfinding, and spotlighting on landscape features. Simple multi-colored LEDs can help light up your pool at night while creating an inviting ambiance.
Fire features like fireplaces and fire pits are another great way to enhance your outdoor living space. A well-placed fire pit can be the “gathering spot” at night, and a fireplace can be a great opportunity to incorporate stunning stone features around your pool.
Living Space
Finally, most designs for 2022 incorporate lounges and living space around the pool. Gazebos, grilling areas, and full-scale lounges can help your outdoor space become just as sleek and inviting as indoor rooms.
You can also include a recessed lounge area in the pool itself. Other swim-up features, such as a bar near a kitchen area, can also help make your pool feel more welcoming.
Pool landscaping also plays a major role in creating an appealing living space. Flower beds, trees, and other plant features can create a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing in your backyard.
If you’re thinking of adding a pool to your backyard for 2022, contact the experts at Gold Medal Pools. We can help you design a modern luxury pool with all of the features that your family needs.