4 factors to consider when searching for Swimming Pool Maintenance professionals

There are many tasks around your home that you can handle on your own. Landscaping, the occasional paint job, and maybe even building a swing set if you are savvy with a few tools. However, there are many reasons why it makes sense to let the pool maintenance professionals at Gold Medal Pools handle it all when it comes to swimming pool maintenance. Not only are they experienced and trained to handle day-to-day pool management tasks, but they have a plethora of products in their arsenal to help make your pool the best it can be. 

Swimming pool maintenance can get expensive if you attempt to purchase every product, tool, and chemical needed to make your pool function at its best. Add in the time it takes you to manage your pool, and you may be surprised to learn you aren’t saving much at all by attempting to go it alone. In return for your efforts, you may also be dealing with a pool that is passable but certainly not sparkling blue and ready for you and your family and guests when you are. If you are still unsure about hiring swimming pool builders versus handling your own swimming pool maintenance, here are 4 reasons why your North Texas neighbors rely on Gold Medal Pools for their pool maintenance needs.

Benefits of Hiring Pool Maintenance Professionals

Learn About Your New Pool

Some local homeowners hire Gold Medal Pools so that they can learn about their new pool as they are adjusting to its presence. Most people don’t automatically know how to test PH levels and maintain a pool that has just been installed in their yard. If you are a new pool owner and want to learn about the process, hiring a professional company to handle swimming pool maintenance tasks is a great start.

In addition to maintaining your pool, we are always happy to chat with our clients and explain what we are doing and why. We find that most customers enjoy it when we explain everything we will do for their pool. Plus, it’s always nice to get to know our customers and their needs so we can provide customized service.

Take Advantage of Our Wealth of Knowledge

You might be able to place a chlorine floater in your pool or tabs in the filter, but do you know what to do when the chemical PH of your pool gets unbalanced? Do you know how to fix a leak that is allowing water to escape from your backyard pool causing damage to your yard and surrounding decking? At Gold Medal Pools, we can help.

One of the benefits of working with swimming pool professionals is we know how to handle each unique situation- not just the easy ones. We handle every maintenance task associated with your pool with ease so that you never find yourself wondering what to do next. After all, the best people to fix pools are the swimming pool builders that build them!

Take the Stress Off Your Back

The modern lifestyle is hectic. You probably have dozens of tasks to worry about each day between your personal life, career, and family. You don’t need to worry about whether or not your pool has been skimmed this week. Gold Medal Pools handles tasks without any fuss or hassle and sends you a full report afterward, so you always know your pool is in good hands. We turn your pool maintenance into an afterthought, so the only thing you have to worry about is whether you have a few minutes to slip into the pool at the end of a long day.

Reduce Pool Ownership Costs

Once the swimming pool builders complete your pool, the cost of pool ownership does not end. Pool tools and chemicals are expensive, and you can’t purchase them one by one. Most of the time to rebalance the Ph of your pool, you need a host of chemicals and daily pool products. When you hire Gold Medal Pools to service your pool, you only pay for the actual service costs- not for product usage or tool usage. 

About Gold Medal Pools

Gold Medal Pools is based in Frisco, TX, and regularly services the DFW area. We manage a variety of residential and commercial pools throughout the region and are always happy to help our clients learn more about swimming pool maintenance. If you want a truly hassle-free pool experience, contact us today to learn more about our swimming pool maintenance plans, and let the pool maintenance professionals at Gold Medal Pools handle it all!