Remodeling a pool

Pools are great water features that convert the outdoors into cool and pleasurable spaces. However, after years of use and consistent pool maintenance, they often lose their appeal, creating a less-than-inviting place to relax with family and friends. Here are some signs that indicate your pool is aging and may need a complete facelift. 

Damaged Tiles

Throughout your pool’s life, the tile can start to chip, crack or fall off due to harsh weather. So, take a critical look at these areas, especially on the patio and the side of the pool. Is anything chipped or cracked? Broken tiles can create debris in the pool that can be harmful to those swimming. It can also lead to trip and fall injuries or cuts and scrapes. Also, is the tile slippery when swimmers are walking on it? Cracked or slippery tile is a sign that the pool needs some refreshing. Gold Medal Pools can replace your pool’s tiles and make it look new again!  

Stains On the Pool Floor or Walls

If there are stains on the pool floor or walls that dampen the swimming fun and keep your loved ones out of the pool, it’s time to remodel. Algae, metals in the pool water, or dirt that sinks and decomposes at the bottom of the pool are all common causes of stains. If the discoloration is too stubborn to remove, a timely swimming pool remodel can completely eliminate the stains, resulting in a pristine pool that you and your family members can enjoy all year long.

The Water Levels Keep Dropping

Are you refilling the pool constantly? Are you adding a lot more water than you usually do? The water loss can be a result of evaporation or a leak. But sudden drops in water level are often an early sign of leakage. Check around the ladders, drains, pipes, and along the tile line to try to detect the leaks. They usually start small and get worse over time. One easy way to tell if your pool has a leak is called a bucket test. Doing this test for yourself can help determine if the water loss is, in fact, from a leak rather than normal evaporation. Water leaking from your swimming pool can damage surrounding vegetation, waste the chemicals in the pool, increase water bills, and even compromise the structural foundation of your pool. The best way to be sure the leaks are sealed properly is to have an expert perform the repair. 

High Running Costs

Does your pool consume a lot of energy heating the water or running the pump? Swimming pools that were built years ago are not as economical and energy-efficient as pools today. An outdated heater can increase energy costs by about 10 percent for each degree, while an old filtration system will not clean the pool effectively or efficiently. Gold Medal Pools will add new energy-efficient technologies and modern equipment to your pool through a swimming pool redesign. These modern additions will save you money in the long run, and the pool will function more efficiently.

No Longer Meets the Needs of Your Family

Are your children all grown up, they have moved out, and you want to downsize the pool? Or is the pool too small and you can’t comfortably swim laps? It could be time to increase the size of your pool or redesign the layout. Whatever the case, chances are you’ve had your pool for some time, and your personal preferences have changed over the years. A complete facelift is a perfect way to ensure the pool meets your current needs. You can also add new features like a spa to one end of the swimming pool, create a different shape, or incorporate a handicapped-accessible area. Talk with the pool redesign specialists at Gold Medal Pools for some pool remodel ideas. By engaging with our experts, we can develop new ideas to give your pool an entirely new look.

Lacks Safety Features

If your pool is unsafe or non-compliant with the relevant safety standards for pools, then it’s time for a makeover. Pool safety is a vital component that will prevent unforeseen incidents and accidents in your home. Seek help from professional contractors who can help you install pool safety features such as removable pool fences, pool gates, and alarms. Our certified technicians stay up-to-date on all of the latest safety features and can make sure your pool is compliant.  

Repetitive Repairs

Have you been calling for pool repair service more and more often? Are you facing the same issues over and over again, even after pool maintenance? It means your pool is aging. The frequent repairs can also be very annoying and inconvenient. It may be more cost-effective to do a complete makeover than constantly paying for the frequent repairs in the long run.


Whether your pool remodel is simple or more complex, call the pool remodel experts today! At Gold Medal Pools, we have highly skilled experts in redesigning and upgrading swimming pools, which will enhance your outdoor living for a long time to come.