Holiday Gift Guide for pool owners
The holiday shopping season is upon us, and if you’ve not started crossing presents off your list, now’s the time. That’s easier said than done when it comes to the people on your list who are the most difficult to buy for, right? What could you possibly give your loved ones that they really want but haven’t already bought for themselves?
If your hard-to-buy-for friends and family happen to own a pool, then you’re in luck. Our experts at Gold Medal Pools have put together a list of the hottest gifts for pool owners in 2020. The following items range from affordable and time-saving to luxurious.
For the Practical Pool Owners in Your Life
One of the best ways to surprise a pool owner in your life is by getting them a practical gift that they will truly appreciate in terms of time and/or money saved. A smart control system, new lighting, or a much-needed upgrade can make great gifts for the practical pool owners you know.
Smart Controls
With smart appliances and security systems, our homes have become increasingly integrated with technology. So, it only makes sense that your pool controls should be, too. Smart control systems like Hayward’s OmniHub conveniently allow you to operate the pool’s pump, lighting, and heater from your smartphone.
New Lights
New or updated pool lighting is a thoughtful way to help pool owners illuminate their outdoor space and save money with long-lasting LEDs. These Hayward LEDs can transform the look of a pool. Other options are exterior lighting like lanterns, twinkle lights, and LED strips that can enhance a pool’s ambiance.
Serious Upgrades
An enhanced filtration system, a new coating, or any other major renovation can make a huge difference for anyone who owns a pool. Of course, these are pricier gifts but will be seriously appreciated if you have the budget to spend.
For the Fun-Loving Pool Owners in Your Life
Gifts people can use in or around their pool areas don’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of fun things that are sure to entertain and amuse.
Aquatic Exercise Equipment
The pool is a great place to get a workout, so a bit of exercise gear for a fitness-conscious pool owner can make an excellent holiday present. An aquatic belt, foam weights, or kickboards can be great additions to any home aquatic workout collection.
Party Supplies
There’s no better time to ensure you’re on next summer’s pool party invite list than giving fun party supplies. There are many options, but consider gifts like a floating mini bar, floating Bluetooth speaker, or fun party lights. For hot tub owners, these natural aromatherapy products enhance soaking sessions.
Classic pool floaties are always a great stocking stuffer for the pool-goers among your loved ones. These gifts are inexpensive, simple, and always a hit. With so many colors, themes, and shapes available, you can be as traditional or trendy as you want.
A Gift for the Whole Family
Have the budget or expecting a big year-end bonus? Why not surprise your family with a pool like Clark Griswold, minus the crazy cousin Eddie, the cat food jello mold, jelly-of-the-month club, and kidnapping the boss.
Our team loves these grand gestures. Let us draw and wrap up your pool design to put under the tree.