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Landscaping and Outdoor Living
In colder parts of the country, homeowners tend to do outdoor living and pool landscaping projects in the spring to gear up for a fun, busy summer. Here in Dallas, though, pool owners don’t get much of a spring season. Winter turns into summer in the blink of an eye, and the sizzling Texas heat makes these types of projects near-impossible.
That’s why fall is the perfect time to tackle your pool landscaping and outdoor living projects. The soil is still warm enough for planting, and the days are cool enough not to evaporate the plants. Plus, after spending your summer by the pool, you probably have a mental list of aspects you’d like to change or add to your outdoor space.
If you’re ready to make changes to your pool landscaping and/or outdoor living area, now is the time to do it. Here are some smart projects to tackle this fall.
Redo your pool landscaping
Landscaping in the fall seems counterintuitive, but there’s still plenty of warmth left in the soil for planting. You also will not need to worry about the heat destroying your new backyard as it might in the summer, and winter gives it time to become established.
Granted, some perennials aren’t well-suited for fall planting, but there are many varieties of trees, shrubs, and annuals that thrive in fall weather., “Nature likes to do its thing. It’s best not to force plants to bend your will. When we work with Gold Medal Pool’s clients, we look at the space and the pool design,” according to Dustin Sewell, Landscape Sales & Design Manager at our partner, Superscapes. “The majority of the time, we recommend evergreen options. These trees and shrubs hold their color and leaves, so the pool landscaping is beautiful year-round, and there is less mess to clean up in and around the pool.”
Upgrade your outdoor living space
Fall is also a great time to add other much-needed upgrades to your backyard. Fire features, lighting, and seasonal colors are not only easier to install in cooler months, but they’ll also help transform your outdoor space into an area that you can use year-round.
Fire pits and fireplaces
Sitting around a warm fire is a great way to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s chilly outside. So, if you’ve been considering adding a fire pit or fireplace to your yard, now is the time to do it.
Installing fire features can be labor-intensive, especially if you plan to build them into your patio or pool landscaping, which is why we often recommend tackling these projects in the fall or doing the pool installation. You can also use this opportunity to add seating and seasonal colors to your patio, making your backyard a gorgeous, year-round living space.
Low-voltage lighting
Adding low-voltage lighting to your backyard is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to upgrade your landscaping. It can be done in and around new installs or existing pools, and as pricing has dropped significantly, it’s also extremely affordable.
You also have plenty of options to choose from when installing landscape lighting, but we often recommend LED lighting. LEDs are inexpensive and energy-efficient, and you can use color-changing LEDs to adjust lighting seasonally and create dazzling light shows. They can even be integrated into home automation and security systems.
Artificial turf
Though many people balk at the idea of adding artificial turf to their landscaping, it can actually be the best material by reducing mowing mess and adding room for activities.
According to Dustin, “Artificial turf has evolved over the years and is realistic in appearance. It’s popular with pool owners because it’s not mowed next to your pool, creating a mess. We’re installing artificial turf not only next to pools, but also as putting greens, bocce ball courts, and areas for corn hole and horseshoe games.”
Artificial turf can also be eco-friendly if done correctly. It reduces the amount of energy and water used to maintain a traditional lawn, saving you money while helping the environment.
Rock and gravel
Adding rock and gravel features can help you spruce up parts of your yard where grass struggles to grow. A stone pathway through a shady side yard or a fountain surrounded by colored gravel can add texture to your outdoor space while covering up areas that are difficult to grow in.
Fix drainage issues
Finally, you should also use this season to make sure your drainage system is ready for whatever winter throws your way. Installing French drains is a popular way to prevent flooding and pooling, or you can have the experts at Superscapes repair your current system.
Schedule a complimentary consultation
Whether you want to put in a few finishing touches or completely overhaul your pool landscaping, Gold Medal Pools and our partner, Superscapes, Inc., are here to help. Current Gold Medal Pools’ clients get a free consultation and no design fees from Superscapes, so reach out today to start taking your pool and outdoor living spaces to the next level.