Pool Maintenance tips for dog owners

For many pool owners, pets are a member of the family, but this doesn’t mean you’re always open to letting your four-legged pals take a splash in your backyard sanctuary. Many of our customers have reservations when it comes to their dogs and swimming pools, with some of the most common questions asked focusing on the pet’s safety and the additional maintenance required. 

Things To Consider Before Taking Your Dog For A Swim

The reality is that pool upkeep is slightly different for man’s best friend, so pet owners must consider if they can dedicate time to the additional maintenance required before letting their pooch jump in for a swim. The breed will also be a crucial consideration; golden retrievers make excellent swimmers, whereas most pugs should probably be left on dry land. A dog that spends a lot of time rolling around in the dirt in the backyard is more likely to bring debris and grime into the water, and longer-haired dogs will be more likely to shed fur at an excessive rate, potentially leading to more frequent filter cleanings. . Nevertheless, welcoming your furry friend to the water is one of the best ways to bond with your dog while encouraging them to exercise, cool off, and enjoy some well-needed mental stimulation. 

If Your dog Takes A Dip, You’ll Need To Clean The Pool

Dogs are not known for their rigorous grooming routines, as our four-legged friends are carrying all sorts of contaminants into the water with every swim. A well-maintained pool should stop any of these pollutants before they can escalate into more significant issues, such as water contamination and health risks. Performing manual cleaning on your pool can remove debris from the pool’s surface before it floats into the filter, using a net or cleaning device to perform immediate cleans. 

Manage Your Chlorine Levels

Although chlorine is considered safe for dogs, many manufacturers outline recommended measurements to prevent adverse side effects. Canines are highly sensitive to chemical exposure, specifically in their eyes, nose, and ears. Managing your levels can help reduce the risk of chlorine-related illnesses or injury for your pet, ensuring they are regularly checked before and after your pup jumps in for a dip. Aim for a chlorine measurement of 1-3 milligrams per liter for optimal levels. You can also opt to wash down your dog’s coat to remove excess chlorine on the fur 

Remove Debris From Your Filter, Skimmer, And Pump Baskets

Dogs have around 15,000 hairs on each square inch of skin, making fur build-up a challenge for even the most advanced and efficient filtration systems. Although excessive hair and debris can be taxing on your pool’s cleaning equipment, diligent owners do not need to panic about their furry pals shedding some of their coats. Regular cleanings of your filter, skimmer, and pump baskets allow a pool to run at optimal levels while effectively removing the dirt off your dog and other users. For a more advanced reading, you can also check the filter’s pressure gauge to spot stubborn hairs which have defied the skimmer and pump baskets and have headed directly to your filter. Performing backwashes or cleaning cartridges is always recommended for filter systems reading above 5 psi. 

If these maintenance tips seem like too much for you to handle, let our team take care of the maintenance for you! Gold Medal Pools pool maintenance professionals will keep your pool clean for you and your furry companions, so both of you can enjoy your pool to its fullest. 

Build A Dog-Friendly Pool With The Gold Medal Team

If you’re at the start of your pool installation journey, you might be considering how to build a pool that is safe for all the family, including your beloved furry friends. A few design factors go into making a pool dog-friendly, such as using more durable materials, such as concrete or fiberglass, for sharp claws and nails or adding a shallow area for unconfident swimmers. Gold Medal Pools has the experience and knowledge to bring your dream pool to life while working around the requirements for a pet-friendly oasis. We are based in Frisco, Texas, and provide pool and backyard services to the greater North Texas area. Get in touch today to get started!