How To Heat An Inground Pool

Keeping up with your swim routine is always harder in the colder months. For many, the unsettling weather and dipping water temperatures are enough to stop swimming and wait until spring. Changing seasons are a part of life, but it doesn’t always mean you have to quit your swim routine at first sight of cold weather. If you have ever wondered how to heat an inground pool, then this article is for you! Gold Medal Pools can keep your pool toasty all winter long! 

Install A Pool Heater To Extend Your Swim Season

Many owners close up their pool during the winter months to perform essential maintenance and repairs to equipment and prevent damages caused by severe weather or freezing. Installing a climate control system in the pool can extend your swim sessions by up to 10 months of the year, but choosing to make such an investment comes down to two main considerations: how frequently you swim and how long you would like to extend those swimming sessions. 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Pool Heater

If you swim frequently, heating systems that perform on a 24/7 basis may provide adequate water temperatures for a longer swimming season but disrupt planned repair work schedules. They can also become a less viable solution to heating your pool as the temperatures plummet in later months of the winter, as most set-ups require some support from the weather to perform effectively. On-demand climate controls can be ideal for the occasional dips around planned maintenance and offer warmer waters even on the chilliest winter morning but fall short on the needs of committed swimmers. 

Review personal preferences before choosing any pool system to ensure you find one that meets your desired outcome. 

Use The Sun For Eco-Friendly, Solar Heating Methods

Mother nature is one of the most eco-friendly heating methods on the market. Rising in popularity over the years, solar power has grown into the modern solution to climate-controlling a pool’s water supply with options ranging from low-budget equipment to fully-integrated systems to suit a range of in-ground pool designs and budgets. 

Solar Blankets Are Your Trusted Heating Companion

Pool covers are a trusted companion to keeping your water crystal clear, protecting vital equipment, and with certain designs, even heating up your pool! A solar blanket works with the sun’s intense rays, heating up during exposure and raising the water temperature to more inviting levels for a dip. Once the sun has set, the cover will also retain the heat in the pool for longer, keeping the water warm throughout the evening. 

Solar blankets can be used as a solo method for heating or paired with more advanced systems, making them a worthwhile investment no matter your climate control methods.

Here are a few reasons to purchase a solar cover:

  • It can raise pool temperature by up to 12 degrees
  • It is easier to cut and shape to the size of the pool
  • It adds protection against dirt and debris
  • It lowers electricity bills, providing support to additional heating systems
  • It contains heat to extend daily usage 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Solar Pool Heating

Although solar panels can be a costly up-front investment, the benefits of this eco-friendly setup can be priceless in the long term. Positioned conveniently on the roof of a property, solar panels soak up energy from the sun, converting this heat into an effective heating system for your pool. Water is pumped through the heated panels and circulated into the pool, offering ideal water temperatures at the hands of mother nature. Below are a few more benefits to opting for this environmentally friendly heating method:

  • Reduced carbon footprint 
  • It can be paired up with a solar blanket for enhanced heating
  • Offers a long-term solution to pool heating
  • Some standard pool pumps can work with solar heating systems
  • Lasts up to 20 years 
  • It can add several weeks onto swimming season

Choose A Gas Pool Heater For On-Demand Use

A gas unit is a pool owner’s best friend for heating on demand, offering a quick and simple method to raise your water temperatures on cold winter days. Unlike electric and solar alternatives, gas systems are not dependent on the outdoor climate and instead use natural or propane gas to circulate warmer water through the pool. This is performed via your pool’s pumping system, which transfers heat from the gas unit’s coils back into the water. Gas systems offer an effective solution for owners who intermittently use their pools during the changing seasons, such as on weekends or special occasions, with warmer water available at just a flick of a switch. They also offer many other advantages such as:

  • Longer swimming seasons than alternatives 
  • They can be combined with solar or electric heating methods
  • Cheaper initial setup 
  • A lifetime of up to 7 years

Personalized Water Temperatures With Electric Pump Heaters 

Electric pumps function similarly to a common air-conditioner and draw heat from the air to raise a water’s temperature. This gives owners the advantage of personalizing the level of heat passing through a system, offering optimum temperatures for using your pool. 

Like solar alternatives, electric methods can be weather-dependent, with lower temperatures causing more strain on the system. However, for those focused on extending their pool season without the upfront costs of solar, electrical pumps are still an effective solution for a longer swim season. Here are a few other reasons you should consider an electrical pump system:

  • Environmentally friendlier than gas heaters
  • It can add several weeks onto swimming season 
  • It can be paired with solar and gas options. 

Contact The Gold Medal Pools Team For Professional Expertise On Pool Heating Systems

With the right heating system, you can keep swimming long into the winter season. If you are considering extending your swimming sessions, contact our professional team to guide your best options on how to heat your inground pool. Our pool experts have been showing our customers how to heat an inground pool for years! We have been keeping the pools of Frisco and North Texas warm throughout the winters for over 20 years and are ready to get started on your new installation and/or upgrade! Contact us today to learn more about how to heat an inground pool.