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Even the finest swimming pools need renovation sometimes. Steve and Josh Sandler of Gold Medal Pools are recognized as experts in swimming pool renovations in Texas. Steve has been known for four decades as a leader in the pool building and renovation industry, contributing innovative business and construction techniques over thousands of projects.

Josh Sandler brings over 20 years of experience in pool building and renovation, working on every phase of pool construction as he learned the business from the ground up. Josh combines his college education and passion for custom pool design and creative renovations with his dedication to handling each detail of Gold Medal Pools’ day-to-day operations.

If you are happy with the basic layout of your pool and just need an update or "facelift" as your pool ages, we are happy to share our experience and ideas. Through our custom swimming pool renovation process, we can transform a dated or lackluster pool into the superstar of your outdoor living space.

Through Gold Medal Pools, Steve and Josh have committed to working personally with clients on their custom pool renovations and backyard designs, to provide one-on-one expertise that results in the quality and attention to detail that has exceeded client expectations throughout their careers.

Steve and Josh Sandler have assembled a dedicated and experienced team who provide exceptional swimming pool renovations. We stay on top of the latest technology and trends in pool building, but never forget the core values of our business.  Today, Gold Medal Pools provides a personalized and informative pool renovation experience to each and every client that results in years of enjoyment in the backyard of their dreams.

“Let Us Turn Your Home Into Waterfront Property”