9 Things to Consider Before Building a Pool

Are you tired of being cooped up indoors during the summer months? Have you been daydreaming of a refreshing swimming pool in your backyard? Building a pool is an exciting project, but it requires careful planning and consideration. To help you create the perfect pool for your family and lifestyle, we’ve compiled a list of nine things you should keep in mind before starting your pool project.

1. Research Your Zoning Laws

Most Texas residents can become pool owners if they wish. But not every community is pool-friendly. You won’t get far with your pool project if there are ordinances against building a pool in your district. Before you get too deep into your pool building plans, be sure to check the maintenance and liability laws for your community.

2. Set Your Budget

Setting a budget is a crucial aspect of any home project, including pool building. Before starting your pool project, determine how much you’re willing to spend. At Gold Medal Pools, we can provide a quick estimate and help you design a pool that fits your future goals. We can also connect you with trusted Texas lenders to help you finance your project.

3. Pick the Pool You Want

Just a quick search online will turn up thousands of results for different types of pools. While all of the beautiful photos can help provide inspiration, it can also be overwhelming! Coming up with some basic ideas is best, and the experts at Gold Medal can help you sift through the pros and cons of each type. We’ll provide design consultation and discuss what’s best for your family, your backyard, and your budget, and guide you through the wide range of available options.

4. Select a Circulation System

You’ll need a quality circulation system to keep your pool clean and clear. Your pool builder can help you pick a pump, filter, heater, and sanitation system that works for you. Chlorine and bromine still work great for many pool owners, but some may want to pick alternatives like salt-chlorine generators. Our detailed process allows for the time needed to walk you through all of your different options. 

5. Choose the Features You’ll Love

There’s an almost endless supply of customizable options for your pool. From lighting and water features to slides and basketball hoops, you can create the perfect pool for your backyard. Get a rustic, romantic cove or contemporary infinity pool. Your pool builder can help you select options that never go out of style and that work best for your lifestyle.

6. Plan for Maintenance

Think about how much pool you want to maintain. A well-built, well-maintained pool can give your home a boost in property value, but a poorly kept pool will kill your home’s appeal. Calculate the cost of the supplies, time, and technicians it will take to maintain your pool. At Gold Medal Pools, we have regular, hassle-free maintenance plans designed with you in mind. Ask one of our specialists today how we not only build your dream pool but also keep it maintained, so you can relax and get the most enjoyment out of your new pool. 

7. Look to the Future

Now is the time to plan your pool. Some homeowners wait until summer is upon us, and they compromise on their build to reach a deadline. The best time to start a pool building consultation is in the off-season. That way, you don’t have to feel rushed by a deadline, and our team can take the proper amount of time to show you all of the features we can offer you, so you are able to choose the pool that will best meet your needs for years to come. In addition to planning for your future pool, make sure to call your insurance agent to extend your home policy to cover your new pool for liability and damage. You certainly want to make sure that your investment is protected. 

8. Decide On Your Landscaping

Your backyard oasis won’t be complete without proper landscaping. A pebble border around your deck and the right foliage can make your pool the perfect summer hangout. Your pool builder can give you ideas, and even streamline the process by working alongside one of our trusted landscape partners. Gold Medal Pools can help make the process seamless. We understand the complexity of building the pool and can manage the entire building process, from start to finish. 

9. Get to Know Your Pool Builder

Adding a pool to your backyard will be a dream with the right team. But it can turn into a nightmare with the wrong company. Don’t just pick the lowest bidder. Look at their portfolio. Read reviews, and see how they have responded to issues in the past. Look to see who is the most knowledgeable in the industry, and schedule a consultation with them. Ask them questions to test their knowledge of both the building process, as well as their maintenance schedule. Learn about warranties and their commitment to their customers – from before ground is broken to after the pool is filled  

Schedule Your Custom Pool Consultation

Is it time for your family to start swimming in your backyard? Let the experts at Gold Medal Pools guide you through every step you need to consider when building a pool. We’ve built custom pools in Texas for over 50 years. Contact us now to schedule your custom pool consultation!