Considering a Pool Renovations

What You Need to Know to Get Started

Your outdoor pool is like any other area of your home. Eventually, the urge strikes to renovate it so you can integrate new technology, bring the look or design up to date, add a new pool and outdoor living features, and increase space, to name a few. Having been a go-to pool renovation company in Texas for decades, our pool remodelers have worked with homeowners to not only design and install the pool of their dreams, but also renovate it when the time comes.
Considering all the personal and financial benefits you enjoy by having an outdoor pool, undergoing a renovation is exciting. You’re in the right place to get started, whether you can visualize exactly what you want or are simply ready for a change and could use some pool renovation inspiration from our pros. Following our custom swimming pool renovation process, we can transform any outdated or lackluster pool into the crown gem of your outdoor living space. The process begins by answering some basic questions about your project.
Is There a Better Time Than Others to Renovate a Pool?
Pool renovations in Texas can happen any time of the year, thanks to our relatively mild weather. With the weather being mostly a non-issue, the real question becomes when you want to start enjoying your upgraded pool area. Some homeowners want to enjoy their pool renovations as soon as the weather is warm enough, so they begin in late Winter/early Spring. Others prefer to enjoy their outdoor pool as-is for another season and plan renovations once the weather cools off in the Fall/early Winter.
Circumstances can play a role in timing your pool renovation, as well. Outdoor pools with structural or mechanical issues sometimes can’t wait for seasonality and require renovation (or repair to hold over until renovations begin) immediately. Depending on how extensive the pool renovation is, finances might be an issue. Homeowners can work with our renovation design team to get an idea of the total cost and decide whether the pool renovation is something they will save for, pay for outright, or finance.
What Types of Renovations Bring the Most Joy and Return on Investment?
With our custom swimming pool renovation process, any type of renovation is possible – from minor cosmetic updates to major outdoor living space rebuilds. The most popular types of pool renovations involve:
  • Adding a simple or extravagant water feature, like a spillover or waterfall
  • Installing AV equipment to watch a movie from a pool deck lounger or a float in the pool
  • Adding an outdoor patio kitchen
  • Building an outdoor fireplace or fire pit
  • Changing pool lighting technology to showcase new landscaping or other pool features
Our pool renovation team is hard-pressed to think of a pool renovation that doesn’t add value to your outdoor pool/living space. When it comes to pools, if you find value in the renovation, a home buyer down the road will, too. With pool renovations, like any home renovation, the value it brings in terms of enjoyment should not be underestimated.
Is Financing for Pool Renovations Available?
Gold Medal Pools offers several financing options for renovating your swimming pool with much-needed upgrades. We have solid, long-standing relationships with many financial institutions in Texas to give you pool renovation financing options to meet your needs. Let us connect you with lenders in the area who can help you take advantage of today’s historically low-interest rates. Other financing options include first, second, and third liens, home equity loans, and total refinance. Bottom line: we can help you find a financing option that works for you, even if you don’t have perfect credit.
Helpful tip: Talk to your accountant about the potential tax benefits of financing. His or her advice might surprise you and make your pool renovation more affordable than you thought.
Fill out a no-obligation, secure, online application to get an idea of the financing options available. The more complete your application, the better financing packages you’ll have from which to choose for renovating your pool.
The Pool Renovation Company You Choose Matters
A pool renovation is a big endeavor, so the company you choose matters. Select a company whose renovation experts stay on top of the latest technology and trends in pool remodeling, but never forget that it’s your personal goals and taste that drives the project. When you work with a company with decades of renovation experience, rest assured you will enjoy many fun and trouble-free years with your pool and outdoor living space.
Gold Medal Pools is known throughout Texas for our commitment to working closely with clients, like you and bringing beautiful outdoor living spaces to life. Expect our team to deliver the quality and attention to detail that you expect and deserve.