which is better a dark or light colored pool

Color is an important factor in any installation or pool remodel, enhancing all the best features of your backyard oasis and complementing its landscape. If you’re drawing up the designs of your next project, then it’s time to review your palette options and start picking your favorite colors. You are probably asking yourself, which is better a dark or light-colored pool? The experts at Gold Medal Pools, are here to help answer this for you! 


What Is The Most Popular Blue Color?

In today’s market, blue remains the most popular choice for most pool projects, although demands for shades such as green, gray, and even white have started to grow in the industry. Fortunately, owners opting to stick with the faithful blue pool won’t be at a loss for choices on pallet options, from shades as deep as the ocean to the vibrant colors of the tropics, offering customers the opportunity to explore different designs and styles for their remodel or new pool. 


The Process Behind Water Coloring

With the help of an experienced pool builder and the power of mother nature, your pool’s color is created by three key elements: the color of the surface, the water’s reflection, and the light produced by the sun. Coloring is determined early into the building process, long before any physical water or features are fitted into the setup. This usually takes place during the design phase of installation, ensuring that the pool’s desired shape and size work harmoniously with the color chosen. Your builder will also discuss with you the effects your landscaping, weather, and cleaning routines can have on watercolor to ensure all grounds are covered before the final tiles are applied.  


Lighter or Darker? How To Pick Your Pool’s Shade:

Although picking the perfect shade for your dream pool can seem like a daunting task, many factors in your decision will be made based on the pre-decided elements of your pool designs, such as dimensions and the surrounding environment of your setup. Generally, smaller designs tend to work best with brighter colors, whereas deeper pools can work well on all areas of the spectrum, giving owners more options to choose from. It’s important to take your time to consider the ideal coloring of your pool based on all occasions and situations. If you’re concerned about children misinterpreting depth at a family party or how the watercolor will be affected by a cloudy day, review your pallet options with an experienced pool builder before committing to the final shade. So, which is better a dark or light-colored pool? 


Choose A Lighter Blue For A Tropical Feel!

If you are looking to swap suburban life for days lounging by the beach, light shades are the ideal way to transform your backyard into a tropical oasis. Brighter colors reflect on the sun to create glistening blue tones, bringing the seas of the Caribbean directly to your backyard. Although the specific shades of brighter blues can change with the ever-evolving trends, if you’re aiming to bring ‘tropical vibes’ to your backyard, a lighter shade will set you on the right track. 


Brighter Blues Complement Smaller Designs

For smaller designs, opting for a lighter blue can be advantageous in creating the perception of space while blending in with other backyard surroundings. This is an important consideration for those looking to install a pool that compliments the unique features of a smaller space. 

Consider Your Cleaning And Maintenance Routine For Lighter Shades

Water like the tropics comes at a tough price. Although brighter shades can bring envy to your neighbor’s eyes, they may also draw attention to the missed spots of a pool’s cleaning and maintenance routine. Commitment to lighter blues requires dedication to scheduled upkeep, spotting debris, or damages which can be more of an eyesore when sitting against a brighter backdrop. Investing in a robotic cleaner can be a helpful option for owners strapped for time to keep dirt out of sight and your pool sparkling clean.

Take The Ocean Home With You With Darker Shades

The alluring waters of a darker pool have grown in popularity in today’s market, owing to their elegance and refined, resort-themed styles. The deeper coloration leaves a mystery to the depth of the surface below, similar to the natural waters of the ocean. However, unlike the chilly temperatures found out at sea, darker shades offer a minor heating method for backyard swimming, warming your pool 2-3 degrees hotter than lighter shades, giving you warmer paddle sessions and smaller heating bills. 


Dark Pools Work Harmoniously To Create Perfection In Your Backyard

Cosmetically, there are many reasons to go darker on the color scale during your pool remodel or installation. These colors will blend harmoniously with natural landscaping and allow your watercolor to showcase all of your backyard’s best features in both its mirroring reflection and tone, matching perfectly with earthy rocks or rich green vegetation. Darker shades can also compliment structures and fittings found in most common backyard setups, such as stones or wooden decking close to the pool’s location. 

The Risk Of The Darker Blues Mystical Depth

It’s no secret that darker pools can look to be more alluring due to their perceived depth. However, this coloration can lead some inexperienced swimmers to misinterpret the depth below. Diving or jumping into shallow waters can lead to injury, and owners should apply particular caution to opting for darker blues if they have young children or pets at home. Ultimately, the decision comes down to the personal choice of the family and the confidence of the swimmer. Additional features, such as fencing, should also be installed for preventative measures when safety is a particular concern with small children or pets. 


Remodel Your Pool’s Shade Or Start Your New Development With Gold Medal Pools

Gold Medal Pools has many years of experience and knowledge to help you decide which is better, a dark or light-colored pool for your new pool construction or remodel. We consider all aspects of your design, surrounding landscaping features, and lifestyle to ensure we bring your dream pool to life. If you are considering switching shades on your current pool or you are building a new pool, we can assist you with a variety of services in Lewisville, Red Oak, and Frisco, Texas, and the greater North Texas area. Get in touch