Designing your dream pool area comes with a number of considerations: colors, materials, style, and lifestyle just to name a few. Here’s another thing to add to your list of priorities: an excellent soundscape.

For some homeowners, aesthetics and functionality are top pool priorities; sound is just an afterthought. The acoustics of the project, however, is just as important as the visuals. Overlooking this small detail may result in a project that’s easy on the eyes but hard on the ears.

How can you mask unwanted pool noise and create a pleasant pool soundscape? And how can your local pool builder in Dallas help?

Perfect Combination of Water Features

Traffic sounds and barking pets compromise the relaxing atmosphere of your pool area. Fortunately, the thoughtful selection and placement of water features make a big difference.

Drowning out unwanted noise boils down to one rule: more turbulence creates more pleasant sounds. Consider installing features where water falls from tall heights or on hard surfaces (e.g., rain curtains, rock waterfalls, and multi-tiered fountains and streams). If you prefer subtler white noise, install laminar sheet arcs and falls.

A combination of all of these features creates a symphony of splashes, creating an effective and pleasant sound barrier. Your pool builders can walk you through available options and help you decide the best mix-and-match of water features.

Controlling Nearby Noise Traffic

Noisy neighbors also pose a problem when building your backyard oasis. When your home sits near the neighborhood entrance or beside chattering neighbors, water features can still save the day.

Building a wall of water between the pool area and the neighbor’s home already establishes a subtle sound barrier. With water engineering, however, skilled contractors can soften the noise further by adding foam jets, deck jets, and laminar near the fence line.

Neighbor noise can also be muffled by lining the fence with arborvitae trees.

Is a Bigger (and Noisier) Water Feature Better at Dampening Sound?

Over-designing water features can be risky. While running water is an effective noise barrier, too much can assault your ears and render the entire exercise moot.

If you are considering installing a grotto, talk with a trusted pool builder about your vision first. The acoustics of bigger water features require serious consideration, after all. Water spilling off hard hollow structures creates sound cannons, causing an outdoor reverberation. Be careful where you point the grotto to prevent your water feature from sounding like a loud horn.

Adding poolside plants can help diminish the noise. Vegetation, such as evergreens and ivy, create an attractive wall that softens the sound of splashing water. Apart from controlling the sound, poolside greenery transforms your backyard into a natural oasis.

Technology’s Helpful Hand

Advances in technology make it possible for you to control your water features. Tying these installations into an automated system enables you to ramp up or lessen the flow with just one click. Thanks to Internet-connected speed pumps, it’s easier to adjust the volume of the water; all you’ll need is to install an app.

Sound plays a crucial role in your pool area’s atmosphere. Enhance the relaxation vibe by installing water features and other accessories. Get in touch with Gold Medal Pool’s custom pool builders today and watch us transform your backyard into a serene getaway.